Thursday, January 22, 2009

I started to read the book that I got at the library. The book is called Home Another Way. It is this authors first novel and I think she does a pretty good job with language and symbols. I got three other books. One is the Encyclopedia of Two-Hour Craft Projects. I wish that I had all the skills and material to make some of the things in the book. It is at least fun to think about the things that I could do...even if I never get around to it.

I officially got my library card and checked out books. The library is very old and some of the books are completely outdated, but they had a larger variety than I have. I ordered "Of Mice and Men" on the Internet. I started the book at the high school when I was substituting for the English teacher and must know the ending.

I substituted again today for the computer/business teacher. I enjoy the students and making money.

Cody and I went to the Windmill Ridge Restaurant last night and watched a movie together. It is relaxing and fun to have a date once and awhile. Married life is still wonderful!

I started to watch the Bachelor last night. I know that we are not supposed to watch reality shows, but this one is so much fun for me to watch. There are few things that I find entertaining on TV anymore, but this is one. I think I really like to watch the really overpriced dates and the natural responses of human nature in the event of love. I also enjoy analyzing the women or men, depending on the season. Lindsay Morris was the one that got me hooked and ever since I have looked forward to each season. I am grateful that I only have one that I really like to watch instead of a show each night. We actually don't have TV thankfully. I hope that Jason is as nice a person as he seemed on the last episode. He seems so genuine and if he picks some shallow beautiful women my admiration for him will be shot.

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