Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This morning I was reading some classic stories. The two that I read were very depressing and well written, "Brownies" by Z.Z. Packer and "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Conner. I promptly decided that I would create the next classic story that was not mostly depressing with a glimmer of hope or full of tragedy with a masked happiness that you are supposed to find within all of the hidden symbols that the author has added (although that is fun to find). I sat down to write a story and like always I seemed to be writing about my own experiences. Most authors do write about what they know, but not always about themselves. I came to the conclusion after a failed attempt to start the next great American novel that the greatest story that I will ever write is my own. It is a much more exciting process than racking my brain for something imaginative to write about. I just have to live.

My husband is working on the Whipple Ranch right now. He is building fence and wants to be done with it. We are in the process of getting his business started and thanks to the Whipples, the Lyons, and the Bowman camping legacy we have a great start. It is exciting to try and think of business names and ideas. The sky is the limit. There is a lot to learn though. Also, we are hoping to find a permanent residence soon. We are hopeful.

I have been subbing for the school district here. I enjoy the student body and love not having to stay after school to create the next day's lesson plan. When the school day is over, so am I. I miss my second graders at Challenger School, but they are in good hands. There is something so innocent and loving about children that somehow we loose as we get older...what a shame. It reminds me of how Holden Caulfield was always trying to preserve innocence. "Certainly things should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those glass cases and just leave them alone." (pg.122)

Right now my mind has been focussed on food storage and being prepared. We have learned a lot and little by little we are going to build a year supply. Also, Mom Bowman is going to be planting a garden and I am going to learn about gardening from her green thumb. She also helped me to make my first loaves of homemade bread. Bianca is a wonderfully crafty and creative person, and she has agreed to teach me crochet and knitting. My sister Holly also gave me a great idea. I am going to start making my own cards so that when birthdays and other events come up I have them on hand. On Saturday, Cody and I did a full inventory of our comping equipment. We have a lot. Now we need to go camping. I love living here and doing things that I was never exposed to growing up in Redding, California.

Today I am going to go to the library here in Alamo. It may be a small library, but I sure hope that they have some light reading to cheer me up from my classics.

In honor of my Grandma Panganiban, I made fried rice and lumpia for dinner the other night and had some family and friends over. Everything went well until the oil that the lumpia was going to be fried in was five thousand degrees and spit oil onto my eye. I actually have a scab right where there is usually eye boogers. =) Needless to say, Cody was chastized for no reason and made to cook the rest of the lumpia due to my frustration. I have also discovered that although the origin of the food is the Phillipines, I have Americanized it unintentionally.

I have been cleaning a lady's home lately and was wonderfully suprised at her talents. She is a childrens author and a musician. She actually gave me three of her books and I have really enjoyed looking at them. She has a wonderful sense of humor and from the little I know of her, she has written a great life story.

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