Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today was a little frustrating. Whenever I am around some young people I notice how satisfied they are with mediocrity. Not everything in life is casual and only a "little" important. Young people do not challenge themselves, and many have little ambition to become anything beyond what they know. I hope and pray that my children will have an open mind and ambition to become something and someone that contribute to the world around them cheerfully and successfully. I have been disappointed over and over again with people that do not respect or believe in themselves. I hope that I can live so that my children know that they can become anything they want to, and they are good enough to do it. I have such a strong opinion about education, students, teacher, parents. I see how it could all work successfully, but it seems so idealistic and at times unrealistic because all parts of the whole are imperfect. There are still a lot of good teachers, students, and parents. I hope that continues to be the case so I can have some confidence in the future of education in America. I miss my classroom of bright and dedicated second graders!!!

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