Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have been reading a wonderful book called, "Extremes." I have found that striking balance in life is one of our greatest challenges. Each of us have a tendency towards one extreme or another and finding which direction to go to find balance will be a great benefit to us. I have discovered a lot about myself. I have seen how the extremes that I thought I did not have control over were detrimental to me regardless of which side of the extreme I was. I remember in college I was completely overwhelmed with all that I was doing. I never said no and I felt a sense of pride in the amount of work that I could do. Eventually my heart and my body gave out and I ended up quitting the extras and trying to get through the essentials like school and work. I did this in high school as well and it took a toll on my body...I got very sick for months. I can see that the Lord has been trying to help me see that my life lacks balance. I have been most happy when I was busy, but still had time to do the most important things like reading my scriptures and praying. Life can be as simple as we will let it be. I complicate things and sometimes feel like I am a failure unless I have a bunch of important events and obligations on my calendar. There is always something to do. Now I just need to pick the best things to do instead of using my time to do the "ok" things. It is so interesting how easily I forget to put the Lord first when He is the source of all of my happiness and blessings. I hope that I can better show the Lord that I am grateful for him and that I love him through the way that I am trying to dilligently find balance in my life. I am truly grateful for my nice home, food, clothes, husband, family, friends, car, and other temporal and spiritual blessings that I enjoy. Cody and I are both able to work and thus get closer to our goals. I hope that I can be humble enough to listen to the Lord when he prompts me to pick up the pace or slow down.

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