Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today I took Ollie on a walk again. I love being outside and having Ollie for company. I need to exercise more and it is a lot nicer to go with Ollie dog. I have even considered getting a dog of my own, but it was only a consideration. After thinking about it a little longer the idea was not as appealing. Ollie is a great option for me! I went out to lunch today with some of the ladies from around here in Alamo. Everyone was nice and I had an enjoyable time. It made me want to have children a little bit more, but I realize that timing is really important for Cody and I right now. Our time will come and we are not in any rush. I am so thankful for the substituting jobs I have been able to get. The ranch is looking great and Cody is getting some more fields ready to plant. The changes on the ranch are awesome and have made the property look great! My brother is in the MTC now and his birthday is tomorrow, and I hope that he gets my b-day card in time. There are a lot of birthdays coming up. My Valentines Day was wonderful because Cody put hearts all over the house in places that I always go and wrote wonderful things on the hearts. I love him so much. He is a sweetheart. I am also really grateful that the Lord has helped me to see the wonderful things about Alamo, and He has helped me to feel peaceful and at home here. I am so thankful for family so close. Today, I got to spend time with Derek, Bianca, Cheyenee and Jackson. It is always fun to spend time with them. Today I also got my other book that I have been waiting for...Heggedy Peg. I read it to Cheyenne, Jackson and Cody. I love the illustrations. I am excited for Trina to have her little baby girl. We got her gift already. It is fun how things change. My close friend Lindsay also texted me today. She is getting married in nine days. I am really excited for her. Cody and I are going to her wedding next weekend in San Diego. We watched a great playoff game at the high school on Tuesday as well. Cody got really excited and was yelling and jumping up and down. He is loosing his voice because of it=). Yesterday I met a neighbor. She is wonderful and her little son was so cute. We hope to have them over for dinner. We have been blessed with great neighbors. Lacy and Andrea have been very kind to me. I am grateful for my blessings!!!

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