Monday, March 9, 2009

I can smell the roast that I put in the crock pot this morning. I am salivating because the aroma is wonderful. I actually remembered to put it in so that we could it for dinner. This weekend Cody and I went to St. George for Joshua's birthday. We went to Pirate Island Pizza. It is a new place, and I was impressed with the pirate ship, waterfall, cave interior and all the other cool things that made it a truly pirate-like experience. Joshie seemed to have a lot of fun turning 3 years old. He is a doll. Cody and I played arcade games and realized that we have for so many years been cheated. It was really our parents that were cheated, but still! You could spend ten dollars on coins, win 1000 tickets and buy a ball made in a third world country that is already falling apart and a yo-yo that has a string the length of your pinky. Regardless of the rip-off, it sure is fun. We also got to see Twilight. I have been interested to see what the movie was like since I read the first book. I thought it was entertaining. Cody liked it too and he hasn't read any of the books. Cody said that he was a vampire after the movie! =) That's my sweetie. On our way home we were able to watch stake conference at a different stake center than our own. It was nice that we could go to any of the stake centers and have the same message. Unity is a great strength in our church. The messages of the apostles and of the prophet were wonderful. Cody and I are making goals together for improvement. We got to see Trina and Ben last night before they went back to Vegas. Trina is going to have her baby very soon and I am very excited for her. She got a lot of great gifts. Today my grandma sent Cody and I a letter. It was mostly for Cody since it is his birthday on Wednesday. I love my Grandma. She is a jewel of virtue for me. She is being so strong since my grandpa died. She is a wonderful woman. She loves her family very much and is good at showing them. I am still so grateful for the time that she took to send a letter to me every month when we lived in California. I have always felt close with my grandma, even when we were states apart. I want to be able to write letters to my grandchildren when I am a grandma as well. It is a wonderful tradition. Just as Jamie is learning very well on his mission, mail is a lot of fun to receive. Grandma also said that she would like to go camping when she comes to visit only if we can have a bonfire in which she can make smores. She is such a wonderfully vibrant lady! I am excited for Cody's birthday. I think he is going to like his gift.

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