Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today was a great day. Cody and I have had a great week so far, and last weekend was really great as well. Lindsay got married on Saturday. Cody and I went to the San Diego temple for the sealing. The temple was beautiful. I was able to see Candy, Julie and Jackie there as well. I also got to see Kim. We all went out to lunch and had a great time together. I am grateful that I have such good friends. Lindsay and Ryan's reception was really nice as well. It was a long trip, but well worth it! This week I have been able to go out on the ranch with Cody. I rode Payaso and I walked Spirit the next day. I also took a walk on the beautiful ranch with Ollie. It is fun to see Cody with the horses and in the fields. Also, substituting went well today. At lunch today I watched a video taped by a Marine who was talking about the constitution and our rights as citizens of the United States. It has really made me think about how much I know about the constitution. I have never considered that my rights could be slowly taken away from me. I must be more aware of my country and try my best to defend my rights where possible. I am grateful for the land that I live in and the health that I enjoy. There are things in life that I simply take for granted. I get to spend the next two weekends with my family and I cannot wait!!! One last thing...I stopped watching the Bachelor because I get way too sucked in. Then I heard my nieghbors talk about it and I gave in. I only watched the last two episodes. I am so disappointed with Jason. I kindof felt like Melissa when she kept saying.. "uh huh" "uh huh" everytime he made one of his "truly heartfelt" speeches. Was it really necessary to break up with her on national television and start making out with the next girl on the same night. What? What is going on? The drama is so outrageous. Why do I like watching it? haaa! No more...maybe.

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