Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Well, I have time to write in my blog today. Yesterday I went to the ranch to ride horses with Cody. I ended up getting bucked off and falling on my back and head pretty hard. The scariest part of it all was not remembering where I was or what I had done that day. My back and head ache, and I avoid walking at the present. This was my first time coming off the horse and it was not a pleasant one! I am so thankful to Derek and Bianca for giving us pizza and cookies for dinner. That was a lifesaver!!! I was supposed to sub today, but I could barely walk so I didn't go in. Healing fast is the hope!

Things have been going really well. Cody and I were able to go to Las Vegas on Friday to witness Paige Marie Wharton being born. We were not there during the actual birth, but we did get to hold her right after she was born. She is beautiful. I wish we would have got a picture with her, but like many times before, we brought the camera and didn't take a picture. The next day on Sat. we were able to go up to the mountains and eat some dutch oven. Sam and Tiffany came up and they hosted Sam's cousin Chad and his new wife for some outdoor adventure. Cody was the cook and we forgot some stuff. Cody has decided he will always make a list now, just like his grandpa did. We read one of his grandpa's letters about planning and living with the end in mind. I am so grateful that his grandpa took the time to write about his life and the things of his heart. I went to a fireside for women called "Simple Spaces." At one point the speaker (a lovely woman) held up her quilt that was handed down from her grandmother (mother of twelve) and handed it to a women in the audience. She said that she would give the quilt away to get one page of her grandmother's writing. I was touched by this becuase our life truly is a story and can help those that come after us realize that we were human and that life and our weaknesses can be overcome. I want to be better about leaving a written history for my posterity. The whole fireside was great and it helped me to remember what is most important and what I can have less of.

Also, last weekend I went to St. George to help my sister Adell grade some of her papers. We had a good time because it was all of us together. I got my haircut (Thank you Holly!)and Mom, Adell and I got to go out to dinner at Pasta Factory. It was a short trip, but it was fun. I always love seeing Becca and Joshua as well. Becca rolls around like crazy, but has not quite got the motivation to crawl yet. She kills me. I got a letter from my brother Jamie. He loves being a missionary. Most of the letter he bore his testimony. He learned 108 Japanese words in one day. I have a feeling the the Lord is helping him learn the language! He is a great example to me.

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