Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Friends Fun

With Spring in full swing our yard has required more upkeep. Cody and I worked really hard on Saturday to get our yard cleaned up and looking good. Cody was a great sport about helping me kill all the ants and get rid of all the weeds and brush lying around. My garden has been dying rapidly, but I am happy to say that it is on the mend. With a little TLC I think I may be able to get a small harvest one of these days. I have replanted, added marigolds (the bugs don't like the smell), sprayed soapy water to keep the bugs in general from eating away and some mint spray to keep out the ants. I hope that will do the trick along with the many ant poison things that we spread throughout the yard. The work in the yard was all worth it though because we were able to have Trina and Connie with their families and Derek and Bianca, Mom and Dad Bowman, and Tanner over for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday Trina, Bianca and I made cards. It was a lot of fun. Connie provided refreshment--popcorn! The food was great and the company was even better. On Saturday night they were able to get a horse shoe game going and the little kids had a ball running around the yard. On Memorial Day, I actually thought about the men and women that have fought for our country. I think that it is because I just recently watched Gettysburg and its prequel Gods and Generals. I was so impressed with the dedication of the men during that era. Both sides were fighting for freedom. The only thing that separated them was the ideas that they were fighting for. I am grateful for the the free land that I live in! On Monday, we went shooting in the morning (I shot myself some boxes and cans) and in the later afternoon we had an excellent dutch oven cookout. It was so yummy. There was pork, chicken, and potato dutch oven and really great salads. We had the cookout with the Woods family. It was a great time. Overall the weekend was packed with good stuff.

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