Monday, May 4, 2009


My sister Joanie is beautiful and a talented singer. She became the 1st attendant and Miss Congeniality for Ivins City, Utah. She did a great job, but the pageant itself was somewhat of a mess. I feel bad for the people that put it together because if something could have gone wrong during the program, it did!! I will not list the many quirks of the evening, but we were glad it was over when it was. I am really proud of Joanie. I think she will have a great experience with it.

Well I am really into preparedness right now. Everyone needs to get food storage and be prepared physically and spiritually to have to take care of themselves and their family. I am blessed to have a great family who helps me be informed and inspired to get it done. This weekend we went to Costco. We were able to get some stuff for food storage and I realized how slow it will be to get all that I need. The point is that we are working on it though. I was able to get a kit together for some of my family so that if a flu does hit and confines us to our homes then we are prepared. I do not know how serious the present flu is, but I do know that some sort of epidemic is probably inevitable. Another preparedness thing that I am doing that is actually really exciting and fun is starting a garden. Cody made me a square foot gardening plot and Mom Bowman helped me to mix the soil and now all we have to do is plant! I cannot wait to see the little sprouts. It really is a miracle how you can start with a bunch of dirt and a few small seeds and end up with delicious fresh food! (hopefully=) Also, Cody and I were able to go to the temple on Saturday morning. I cannot think of a better place to be during these turbulent times. The peace of the gospel will definitely give us calm in the storm. I have also thought a lot about how I can make my home more like the temple.

P.S. I love baking!! Check out my first banana bread!

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  1. Your Banana Bread look really good! I've got the bug to bake and cook now that I'm home with paige but she takes all my time right now so i guess it will have to wate till she gets older


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