Monday, June 29, 2009

Adell, Aunt Nancy, Grandma, Mom at the Pingree Place

At the luncheon with my sweets

The bride, Alisia, and Me

Ryan, Lindsay, Me

Cody and I had a blast this weekend. On Friday we were able to meet up with my mom and my sister, Joanie in Cedar City and drive up to Lehi, UT. Cody and I spent Friday evening with Lindsay and Ryan Durrant. We met at their cute house and then went to dinner at a soup and sandwich shop. Afterwards, we made our way to the Lehi Roundup Rodeo. The weather was rainy and windy so the first bit of the rodeo we were bundled up in a blanket in the stands. Cody and Ryan were soaked because they were on the ends and didn't have sweatshirts. Lindsay and I complained a little bit, but we stuck it out. The boys were proud. The weather dried up and we were able to enjoy the roping, barrel racing, motorcycle tricks and bull riding. Thanks Lindsay and Ryan for the good time.

We stayed at my sister Adell's apartment that night and went to Alisia's sealing at the Draper Temple in the morning. My mom and I were able to visit with Alisia's family for awhile at the temple. I love the Riveros family! The sealing was wonderful, and the room was breathtaking. The sealing room was the biggest in the church. Later that day, we went to the luncheon at a barn in Mapleton, UT. It was a beatiful spot right up against the mountains. We even got to sit out on a veranda overlooking the small lake behind the barn. Very picturesque. The food was great and the company was great. I am glad that Alisia is so happy with Jason!

On Sunday we were able to go to church with my Grandma Pingree. She is a great lady and I am always so grateful to the people in the ward for saying what a wonderful family I come from. My grandparents have left a wonderful legacy of goodness to follow. I miss my Grandpa Pingree. We had lunch and my Aunt Nancy was able to be there as well. She is so much fun to visit with. She entered a children's story contest. I hope she winds the $5000 dollars =) We swung by Justin and Sylvina's on our way home. They have beautiful new home and a darling family! I wish we could have stayed longer to visit.

Great, full weekend! Thanks Mom for letting us come with you!


  1. sounds like your weekend was fun! i am jealous about that rodeo!

    lucy...grandpa died??? i can't believe it. i didn't ever get to say goodbye. everytime i drive pass roy i think of them, and want to stop by and say hello! please give a hug to your grandma for me!

    the draper temple sounds beautiful! i can't wait to someday go up there!

    you're wonderful!

  2. Sounds like it was a nice weekend! My BIL and SIL were planning to be sealed in the draper temple but they will be closed for renovations during the date they wanted :(


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