Monday, June 29, 2009

The Glad Club

Well, I recently watched two great movies that I cannot help but comment on...Polyanna and Persuasion. Polyanna is a wonderfully old fashion movie that teaches so many wonderful truths! She is an assuming girl that knows how to be happy and how to spread it to everyone she meets. Polyanna plays the glad game and teaches the people that "If you look for the bad in a person, you will surely find it." -Abraham Lincoln. Attitude is everything. The more I look for the good in life, the more I see! Polyanna was a novel written in 1912, and the lessons are still true today. A classic in my book! Also, I loved the bazzar scenes in the movie. What a wonderful sense of community. I am really grateful that I live in Alamo where the community comes together to have a good time and help one another. Cody and I are playing co-ed softball on Team Wood-n-Ball. Love the play on words. It is a lot fun. We are also really looking forward to the Fourth of July Celebration here.

Persuasion, by Jane Austen, was exciting to watch because like most of Austen's novels, she keeps us hooked and anticipating the actions of the characters. I love Anne Elliot because she is so human. She knows she has made a mistake, and aches to mend the broken heart she loves. Captain Fredrick Wentworth exemplifies the way we feel and act when we have been hurt. He was prideful, and did and said everything possible to make Anne feel bad and jealous. The beautiful thing about the story is that even with the hurt and misunderstanding between the two, their love didn't ever fade. Love conquers all! =)

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