Friday, June 12, 2009

Memory Lane and Keeping it Simple

My family moved again. We love the new house and had a great time in St. George. We had a BBQ at Holly and Mark's and at Mom and Dad's, played with Josh and Becca, watched some family finish a 6.2 mile race, and shopped with Mom. With the move, Cody and I inherited a bed, an entertainment center, and 3 boxes full of my past! I was so excited about the treasures that were in the box. I went through all of it and made Cody do it with me. Cody tried really hard concentrate on my childhood relics, but he ended up nodding and reading his book about how salt water cures everything. I love me husband! =) Anyways, I looked at yearbooks, school work, sports medals, academic trophies and even a homecoming sash and broken tiara. I also found letters and cards from almost every good friend and family I have known. I started to cry when I found a letter from my mom saying that I had hurt her feelings. I look back and wonder what would have prompted me to be mean to my mom...I was a confused teenager at the time. Hopefully, I was not the only one that disagreed with my mom growing up. =) To say the least it was a lot of fun to remember people, events and experiences that have made up parts of who I am.

My sister Adell came to visit us. I am glad that she spent time with us. She let Cody drive her new Honda CRV up the P mountain and she got a kick out of the 4wheel drive! She even gave out a scream as we went up a particularly rugged spot=) For family home evening we went up to the TV tower and had Cody's signature Italian chicken dutch oven potatoes. Adell and I had made pumpkin cookies for dessert. Yum for both! I had two plate fulls of potatoes! We also hit the warm springs and ran into some English gents. Some were from Scotland too. They were hard to understand, and one of them mentioned that he came from the place that hung the monkey. I made a confused face and said, "the monkey?" Everyone laughed. I figured I needed to brush up on my European history, but come to find out Cody and Adell didn't know what he was talking about either. I think they just laughed at everything the guy said even if they had no idea what he was talking about. I was just the one that admitted that I didn't get it! Cody and Adell...those fakers! =)

I am not sure what has come over me, but I have been downsizing, throwing away, and unpacking. It is great because I have more space, but now that I have started, I have found that I may have begun something that is going to take awhile. Since I have a hard time stopping until something is finished, I am not sure if it was a good idea. We thought we would be moving very soon after we moved into this house so I didn't really unpack things. It was time to do it. I hope we do not move any time soon because it is a lot of work to find a place for everything. I love to organized and de-clutter. Thank you Holly and Mark for the new shelf space! I am a firm believer in the peace of simplicity. I am getting there!


  1. that is to funny about the english guys.

  2. Just found your blog, so so cute. Thanks again for the BBQ last night. We'll for sure have to do it again!


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