Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glad to be back.

Last week I was terribly sick. It started with fever and very slowly progressed into strep throat and sinusitis. Cody was wonderfully helpful to me and I have discovered that he enjoys taking care of me when I am sick=). Don't get me wrong he was glad when I could start getting around again...especially in the kitchen. As I laid in sleepless pain a few nights, I realized how much I take my body for granted. I made a resolve to be better at using my time more wisely and using my physical and mental abilities to their fullest potential! I have done well so far, and I hope I have the will to keep on keepin' on!

Luckily after I went to the doctor I was well enough to go to St. George with Cody. My Uncle Jeff, who is a wonderful mechanic and man, helped Cody to put together two new carburetors for Cody's VW van. I was able to shop with my mom, sister and my niece and nephew. I was able to find a new decoration for my western themed room, and some other treasures. I love getting more with less!

Cody was able to play his favorite sport the other week. His high school has an annual alumni football game and Cody played I hear. As I was sitting visiting with friends, Cody made a touchdown and some other key plays of the game. I attempted to pretend that I had seen them all, but it ended with a disappointed look from Cody! He knows when I lie ;) He was terribly sore afterwards and his ankle was killing him. I chuckled at the fact that he was assigned to the "old man" team. My husband is very trim and fit, but I think that he has forgotten that he will eventually get older. =) We had some friends and family over afterwards for root beer floats and smores. It was a late night for me. O, the glory days.

P.S. I harvested from my garden yesterday!!!! A zucchini grew to adulthood, and we will be able to eat something that I grew. I know I may be making it sound monumental, but for someone like me that struggles to keep anything alive, I am very excited!


  1. i'm sorry you were so sick. i'm glad you are getting much better. doesn't it just break your heart when your husband gives you that sad look of disappointment. i know it does for me. i'm glad cody had fun though. i'm glad that your garden is doing so good. i'm jealous. i live in an upstairs appartment. so i don't get to try my hand at gardening yet. i hope you two continue to do well. love ya.

  2. Yeah for Lucy I'm so happy that you got something from your garden I know you had to put alot of work into it. :)


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