Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Van

Today I have slept almost all day because I have been really sick lately. Since I have been sick, I have been thinking about how grateful I am to not only be alive, but have a quality of life. I think more than ever in my life I am so grateful that I have come to this earth and have a future to look forward to. This vigor for life amid my sickness was partly brought on by my husband's overwhelming excitement about his Volkswagen van. The body and interior are actually in great condition. There is something in us that likes original...and this van is all original. It is a bright orange and has been sitting in his parents yard for a few years now. We have decided to get it out of the yard and working. Today Cody put in a new battery, new gas and put on two new back tires. There was other stuff that he did that I do not now, but anyways the van started! He has explained to me his love for this van since we were dating, but I have dismissed it because I figured it would be one of those vehicles that would rot in my yard and make it look bad, but after taking a ride in the van today, I am a believer. It was a lot of fun to drive in something that was made in 1973. The reality of a Volkswagen bus is that our top speed was 55 miles per hour, the engine was smoking and coming up through the vents in the front, and my back was completely sweaty after our five minute drive, but it was a lot of fun. I felt like I had stepped back in time and was living a slower, more relaxed life. You can't be in a rush in the van=) I am grateful that my husband knows how to enjoy life. His relaxing influence balances out my nearly constant need to go, go, go! I am looking forward to camping trips in the camp mobile!


  1. YAY! The van is alive again! fun! I'm sorry that you don't feel good.

  2. you are sick....how come...what do you 'have'?? haha j/k!

    i know i commented on this on facebook, but i love the van! that is the coolest thing ever! hey, lucy, i'm going to vegas for a journey concert in october, do you live near?


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