Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Friday Cody and I took a camping trip to Cherry Creek. It was really neat how quick and easy it was to get packed up and out the door. That is one beautiful thing about being married and not having kids yet. It was raining and storming hard as we drove there and even as we nodded off to sleep in the back of the truck the rain was pounding on the truck roof. It was well worth it when we woke up to scenic mountains and trees. I love the fresh smell after the rain and the crisp clean air of the mountains. We took a short hike along the creek and drove back through some really pretty country. You would never guess a place like Cherry Creek exists in the dessert, but it was there.
On Monday we went to Vegas to see a close friend, but before they got there we saw the movie, Up. I loved the sweet message that it had and the humor. I loved the simple message that the everyday things that we get to do with those we love are truly an adventure. Finally later that afternoon I got to see my friend, Ashley Hernandez. We have been friends since we were in third grade. We talked a lot and reminisced about elementary school, our old neighborhood, junior high, and high school. Even though we have not seen each other for about five years, we were able to have a good time. Her sister Heather and her baby, Donnie, along with her boyfriend Tommy were there. We had a good time seeing some sights on the strip, visiting, and eating dinner at PF Chang's-- it is one of our favorite restaurants. I am grateful she stopped to see us. Since we are around Cody's friends and hometown a lot, it was really refreshing to talk spend time with someone who has know me my whole life.



  1. Enjoy it while you can - once you have kids getting out the door quickly is not an option. (Unless of course one of the kids is in need of medical attention.) Great pics!

  2. i loved the video! i heard you lucy! haha... you guys make married life look so fun! i'll try to catch up to you sometime! haha...

    hey i am going to me in vegas conference weekend..we'll have to get in touch. and you saw.. ashley had her baby! oh man... lucy... you're next! haha j/k! kinda...


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