Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Frenzy

We had General Conference which is always a pleasure to listen to. I always feel like I can do better without feeling like I am a complete failure. There were so many great messages and reminders. We watched all the sessions at Mom and Dad Bowman's house and they graciously fed us as well.
I hosted a Fall kickoff at my house. I have always had one with my girlfriends for some time now, but I thought I would start having it with my family. We had great food...chili, pumpkin cream cheese, salad, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie and other good food. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We played croquet for Angela and because it is fun. Also, we made Carmel apples and watched the classic Ichabod Crane.
Trina coordinated making a really fun craft that she saw done by Angela. It was easy and the ghost, pumpkin, and Frankenstein turned out great. We also took a walk to the football field and Cody, Ben and Adam timed there forty yard dash. I thought that was entertaining, but the highlight of the outing was definitely the speed walk race between Cody and Adam. There swagging hips and swinging arms gave us a laugh. My words cannot describe the sight...we wished we would have had video!


  1. Love all your fall stuff! Very cute!

  2. We had such a fun time over there and croquet was awesome - except for the 3 toddlers moving the game as we tried to play. Thanks again for having us over

  3. ok i wish i could have seen the speed-walk racce. that sounded very fun. i had a good little laugh.


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