Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hides and Husband

Cody was at the ranch this morning cutting a cowhide into strips to make a riata-cowboy rope. This is the third cowhide that he has tried to soak and stretch and process. He also has had an intense desire to tan deer hide and make his own chaps. Just today I realized how different our interests are. Cody's making of traditional cowboy gear doesn't even phase me anymore when in the past I found it very romantic and unique. I am glad I can still appreciate his background even though it used to be so foreign to me. I really want to get the courage up to start riding horses again.

I opened the freezer the other day and since we have been out of ground beef I was wondering where a few bags of ground beef had come from. Surprisingly and thankfully, I didn't try to cook with it. I don't think that I would have got very far before I realized that the foggy freezer bags were filled with deer brains. Apparently the deer brain is "God's gift to man," according to Cody. Their is enough solution in the brain of a deer to tan the hide. It is actually very interesting, but deer brain is not romantic;)

One night Cody was taking the bloody fat off the deer hides he had got and he started to see little black bugs everywhere. He killed a lot of them and then came into the kitchen and asked me to check his head because he felt something crawling around. I, naturally freaked out and glanced and saw nothing. Soon, he finished his work and came in closer. I checked as he pulled his hair back and there it was. Two ticks were crawling around on his head. One came off without a fight, but the other one was determined to find a nice warm spot to suck. He zig-zagged and finally Cody got a hold of him. I scratched my head all night and demanded a long thorough shower out of Cody. I hope all of Cody's research and work pays off with a beautiful cowboy rope and chaps. I love that my husband is so different than me. It makes life exciting.

This week I have had the pleasure of talking to two of my close friends: Kimmy and Jameson.

I am so grateful for the wonderful people that I have as friends. Kim and I caught up on life and remembered some good times. Jameson continues to make me laugh and get a few laughs at my expense as well. =) I have decided that if you have good friends and family, you have something to be happy about and life is full.

Lately, I have really wanted to take some really pretty pictures of fall leaves. I love the fall, but I am wanting to see fall in Maine or New York, and I live in Nevada. Ever since I taught the eastern states to my 2nd graders last year, I have wanted to go to the east coast for the fall colors and go to a fall festival. I love all things fall! Since I haven't taken a picture of fall here, enjoy the fall in Maine-picture above. Despite our lack of fall leaves, our town is festive and will be having a chili cook off. If I had a unique chili recipe I would consider contributing, but my McCormick packet hardly qualifies as an secret original family recipe. I have actually had a request for my chocolate chip cookies though and the secret is out...the back of the Hershey chocolate chip bag.

Cody just got a call for another deer hide. That is number five! ha. I don't think the deep freezer is big enough.

P.S. Thanks Adell for letting me take some pictures and coming to visit!


  1. Glad you didn't end up making deer brain tacos! Yuck.

  2. I seriously don't think I could've handled having deer brains in the freezer. Kudos to you.

  3. Thats my brother you got to live him:)


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