Friday, October 16, 2009


Today my mom and sister came for a short, but fun visit. We were able to play in the back yard and at the park. I loved to watch Joshua and Becca's personalities as they played. I pushed Joshua down the big kid slide and he just about had a heart attack. He cried and cried and expressed his fear, but to his credit he did it again and eventually was a sliding fool. Becca went down with me once without so much as a peep, and the next go round she was down the slide before I could get to her. She was fearless. I was baffled at how different their personalities were even though they are in the same family. I guess when I think about my family, we all have our own distinct personality. I look forward to watching and trying to appreciate my future children's personalities.
I thought a lot about what it is to be a child. There is so much energy in kids that is released in one day. With all the laughing, crying, running, singing, pushing, hiding, and learning it is no wonder they take naps. If only parents got more naps. My sister is amazing to be able to keep up with two little people. Then, I think about my mother that is now a grandmother and I am more amazed that she raised all of her children and still finds joy in helping to raise her grandchildren. I hope that I have as much stamina and patience as my sister and mother.
Kids truly are so much fun, but I can sense in just half a day that they are also a lot of work. My sister teased me because Joshua and Becca's diapers eventually got stinky and I acted so disgusted. Other small incidents occured that surprised me and she said, "Aren't you excited to have kids!" I have thought about that, and I guess I am. I question my ability to do it without going insane, but I am excited to have a chance to help grow a person...hopefully a good one.
Overall, I admire parents, and I think I would like to have my own family someday despite my fears. I am so grateful for my family coming to visit me this weekend. I love to see them whenever I can.


  1. What a fun day! Thanks for the cookies :) Also, it's much easier to stay sane with your own kids than other people's...

  2. I agree with Andrea - you have more patience with your own kids then with others.


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