Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Fun Memories
  • Cramming Joanie and Adell into our car on the way to St. George. They had the pleasure of their own personal cubicles for many hours. Lucky girls! I was an emotional wreck most of the way because of our old car.
  • Shopping and cooking with my mom. You know your mom loves you when...she knows that your husband has already got you a chocolate orange, but still gets you one at the store because she doesn't have heart to say no.
  • Talking with my sisters and hearing their laughs.
  • Seeing the raging waters of the Virgin River almost flood St. George again.
  • Being reassured by a beautiful gigantic rainbow that God is still keeping his promise.
  • Our annual Christmas party-ornament exchange, games (I was nominated to be one of the Santa Clauses because apparently I already sport the jolly belly) and lots of delicious treats! I loved seeing family and getting to visit with my cousin Abby. I have a picture of us, but I looked ghastly so I opted not to post it!
  • Watching movies
  • Christmas dinner and program at Bianca and Derek's house. The house and tables were decorated beautifully! My amazing sister-in-law should have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens! Check out her website for some wonderful ideas and sense of humor!
  • Dancing after the Christmas program.
  • Watching my husband have the time of his life cleaning up his parents backyard, driving a back hoe, and cruising around in the dump truck with Ben Wharton (the only person I know who enjoys working in the yard with Cody.)
  • Christmas morning with excited kids. Playing with nieces and nephews.
  • Talking to my brother who is in Japan and will be home in two months!
  • Chocolate orange and other fun gifts.
  • Ham
  • Dutch blitz



Monday, December 13, 2010


Cody and I love being able to spend time together. There is something in us that realizes that our time together is going to be very limited very soon.

Cody is volunteering at one of the vet clinics here. He says there is a lot of variety and, of course, he likes working with the larger animals. He has been thinking about specializing in equine medicine. He is also the vice president of the pre-vet society. The society is small, but because he has been faithful about getting involved he got elected even before he has taken a class! haa.

I have been working on my lesson plans, schedules, and syllabus. I have enjoyed the preparation and look forward to teaching.

We have also been able to take a birthing class in Idaho Falls. We really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. We have six more classes to learn. The other group members are great people and the teacher is a great lady with a lot to share. We also watched a very enlightening documentary called, The Business of Being Born. If you are pregnant or ever will be, it is very eye-opening.

We have had the chance to have friends and family over for dinner in the past few weeks. We have enjoyed having people we know and love around. I love having my sister so close. This is the first time in a long time that I have had an immediate family member live so near! It is great.

We are enjoying our new ward. We meet new people every time we go to church and the activities and there are great people here.

We get to go to St. George and Alamo for Christmas. We are very excited because we were not sure if we would be able to.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We have Internet again. Our almost daily outings to borrow Internet from the school or Joanie's apartment complex have finally come to an end. We were getting very tired of it.

We got to Rexburg safely with the help of Cody's dad and brother. We are so grateful for all the people that helped us get moved. We love the town home we are renting. Moving in took a little longer because I got very tired, but the baby room is the only room that isn't put together.

Speaking of the baby, we have started care with the birth center. The midwifes are wonderful and the facility is great. My stomach is getting bigger, and I still haven't taken a picture. I think I will take one just to remember later on.

We have been able to get a lot of things done since we got here. I am grateful that we came when we did because it would have been a lot harder to get them done later. I have been able to work on lesson plans for my classes, fill out paper work, and get Cody set up for school.

We were not able to go home to St. George for Thanksgiving, but we got an invitation to a friend's home. Karma's family graciously shared their food and home. We had a great time playing games and visiting. I made my first pumpkin pie and contributed a fruit salad.

The next day was my birthday and Cody got me a beautiful gift. We also went out to dinner that evening. I also got gifts from family! I am so thankful for their love. I don't know if it is because we had time to look at ads, but we attempted some Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales. We were able to get some Christmas gifts for a good price so I guess it was worth it.

On Saturday we went with Karma and Paul's family to get a Christmas tree. Our tree is beautifully decorated and all of our Christmas stuff is out to remind us of this wonderful time of year! The snow is a good reminder too!

Monday was our two year anniversary. I am so grateful to be married to my sweetheart Cody. He treats me so well.  I am so glad to be happily married to such a good man. I am excited for the many more adventures we will share together. I am so grateful for the blessings we have received as we have made these changes in our life.

Our new kitchen table
 View from our back window
 Getting used to a new home and lots of snow
 Let it Snow!
 Pumpkin pie
Our Christmas tree
Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The baby shower in Alamo was lots fun! My sisters and mother in law put on a great party. I am very grateful for all those that came and all those that gave a gift. Jane got some really cute stuff. I will really miss the wonderful women I have met here in the Pahranagat Valley. I have so many thank yous to give.

We got to see nieces and nephews dressed up for Halloween. I also got to see Cody dress up in a beloved whoopee cushion costume. I didn't get a picture of Alice and Shaylin, but they looked so cute. I am sure Connie will post some pictures of them. Chocolate was a constant temptation throughout the night. I ate my fair share of candy and although there was regret, it tasted so good!

I will be teaching two sections of English 101 at BYU-Idaho. I got the book I will be teaching from, and I love the material I get to share.

Cody found out what classes he needs to take. He has to have a load of 16-20 credits per semester and the advisor said he was allowed one B. Cody is going to be busy!

We have some leads on places to live and a date set to move...November 12 and 13th. I am not looking forward to the actual moving process, but I am excited to have my own space to decorate again.

My grandma's 80th birthday is this weekend. I get to see a lot of family I haven't seen in some time.

In five days I will no longer have to worry about the GRE test...ever again because I am going to do well! (Positive thinking is suggested when the test date draws near.)

The above pictures are from Fall Kickoff 2010.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love my niece and nephew.

Joshua tells me I am his best friend. He is wearing Cody's tennis shoes and his huge smile!

Beka is trying to get a look at the camera while her brother gives her loves.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rainy Days and a Baby!

I forgot how much I love rainy, cloudy days. When you live where the sun is shining most of the time it is easy to forget!
This last weekend Cody and I went to St. George. We listened to conference with family, cheered on the marathon runners-my brother-in-law included, took walks in the cool weather, did some shopping and most importantly got to see the baby inside of me. It is little Jane Bowman. She is healthy as far as we could tell with limbs, fingers, toes, a pumping heart, and a functioning stomach. She gave the ultrasound lady a show and made the whole process quite difficult. The ultrasound lady (we will call her Linda) asked which one of us was stubborn. Cody quickly informed her that is was me. Every time Linda wanted to look at a certain part of Jane's little body Jane would put her arms in the way. The baby would wrap her arms around her stomach, her legs, and even did a few front toe touches. Cody said she was being modest. =) Linda said that if our daughter wants to paint her room lime green to not argue and just paint it lime green.
We were not able to find out the gender for awhile because the umbilical cord was in the way of the gender identification area. She finally got a few good shots to confirm that it was indeed a girl. Cody still thinks there is a chance that it is a boy. Gender surprises are not new, as I have recently been informed by many formerly shocked parents, and I will be taking a boy and girl outfit with me when the baby is born. I was actually deemed a boy and given the name Ed before entering the world, so I know that it is possible. =)
As the ultrasound went on, the lady wanted Jane to turn to get a good look at the heart and suddenly the flips and theatrics were over and Jane decided to take a nap. The lady poked my stomach in multiple places, had me go to the bathroom, had me poke one side while she poked the other, and even said I may have to reschedule to come back another time because Jane wasn't moving enough to get the shots she needed. It was hilarious to watch on the screen Jane's head and body getting poked and prodded and her just laying there unaffected. I did not want to have to pay for another ultrasound or make another appointment so I prayed she would cooperate just a little. Jane came through and consented to pose for some mediocre pictures. Linda said the ultra sound shots would not be put into a textbook, but they would have to do. One advantage to Jane being stubborn was that our appointment lasted longer and we got lots of pictures! After the appointment, we were on cloud nine thinking about this little spirit that was so real to us. We both thought about what she would look like, her personality and so forth. I hope it is this exciting and interesting every time we have a baby. It is crazy how much I already love her too. The picture is a four dimensional picture of Jane's face.

Also, recently we had a family fall kickoff. We had the traditional chili and corn bread. A new addition to the meal was fondue cheese and bread and candy corn. Connie and I made some rice crispy treats and made them Halloween festive. We saw the idea at a craft sale here in Alamo. They were cute and delicious! Also, Nicole Burcham was kind enough to let us come make carmel apples with her. Yum! Yum! The night ended with a dance party and non-alcoholic drinks at Derek and Bianca's house.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Officially Begins

Fall- A Few of my Favorite Things
A token Fall photo taken in Idaho.

O... joy fills me as I look at these pictures of Fall things. Yesterday, I saw in my planner that today is the official start of Autumn. This morning I looked through a Better Homes and Garden's Fall magazine just to get into the spirit. As September leaves us, October and the cooler weather will come. One drawback to living in Nevada is that there are not as many Fall colors in everyday surroundings, but pictures of Fall and a break from the heat will do. I have dreamed one day of going to Maine or some east coast state and spending my time walking in parks lined with colored leaves and sitting on a park bench with a scarf on, crunching the leaves under my feet, and reading Wuthering Heights, Little Women, or Jane Eyre. I also have been thinking about Fall Kickoff. This year will not be the same because all of my decorations are packed away and I can't entertain from my home, but we can still eat chili, corn bread, and watch Hocus Pocus and Ichabod Crane. I have also thought about Halloween. I love seeing little children in costumes, pumpkins glowing in the dark, and lots and lots of candy! A wonderful Halloween memory is sorting candy with my brother and sister on our living room floor, making trades and deciding what to eat now and what to save for later. Then after the spiders and witches get put away, Thanksgiving with its family, food and traditions is here only to be quickly replaced with carols, evergreens and colored lights...Christmas (but that is another post)! My friend Lindsay has already begun a countdown to Christmas.
I hope you will celebrate Fall by putting out some Fall colors or just taking note of your bounty today!
I hope that this Fall season brings you as much joy as it brings to me!

Friday, September 17, 2010

All is well.

"If you don't risk anything, you risk more." - Erica Jong

Since Cody and I have moved forward with so many changes, this quote makes me feel a lot better. I have done things that I said I would never do, given up things that mean a lot to me, and I don't even get the satisfaction of knowing how it is all going to turn out.

I truly think though that the risk is going to be well worth it. Whether we try new things or not, the time will pass. I don't want to look back and think, 'what if?' I have never seen anyone be worse off for having education or going after worthy dreams. There are days that I think about Cody and I both in school, eventually having a baby, and living off of the money from jobs that we don't have yet, and I wonder if I am equipped for this, but the alternative is much much worse...not trying. I already know I can't settle for less than our current efforts. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us, and I am certain that he will help us. He already has!!! P.S. Cody got on the Fall Winter track at BYU-Idaho so he officially is starting in January and will hopefully be able to get on fast track (going to school all three semesters a year) quickly. More great news...many of his credits from CSN transfer.

Lately my mind has been on: making money, saving money, moving to Idaho, and how to pass the GRE.

Making money: This process is taking longer than I had imagined in my mind.

Saving money: I have decided that if we didn't eat or travel this would be a lot easier to do.

Moving to Idaho: I am ready.

How to pass the GRE: I don't know. Please don't make me study anymore!

I hope everyone is doing well. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Cody was accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho for undergraduate studies!

I was accepted to Morehead State University for graduate studies in English!
Since Morehead is in Kentucky and Cody served his mission in Kentucky, our hope is that when I graduate from Morehead we will take a trip to celebrate and take a tour of Cody's past.

We have been so blessed, and we are both really excited. School life will start in January.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plan B

Hello my friends. It is has been far too long since I wrote.
Life has thrown us some surprises, but we are adapting well and moving forward. After some thought and deliberation, Cody and I have decided that it would be best for Cody to go back to college. Within a week we applied to BYU-Idaho and I was applying for jobs.
All of Cody's application is in, and now we just have to wait to see if he has been accepted. There are times that we look at each other and wonder if we are crazy to go this direction, but most of the time we are just excited.
Cody wants to major in pre-vet and minor in beef production. He is very motivated and has a genuine interest in the things he will be learning. Cody even talked to my cousin's husband Scott (a vet) about vet school and the work it requires, and he left still determined to pursue that path. I am so impressed with Cody and his willingness to try something new and hard. We applied for the Winter semester at BYU-I, so we would begin in January. Our hope is to go to school year round so we can finish his bachelor's degree sooner. Cody is a transfer student and we are really hoping the classes he took in Las Vegas will transfer.
I have been graduated from college for three years now and it seems odd to be going back to my old stomping grounds, but I only have fond memories of the campus, the people and Rexburg. It will be very different going back after having some life experience outside of college and being married. I always thought I would be married while I was at BYU-Idaho. I guess I am kindof getting my wish in a really round about way. =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

High Adventure Base Camp


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I finally have some time to write. I just finished my last continuing education class for the summer. I am so glad to be done. I learned a lot, but it took a lot of my time and thought, as it should. =) I also finished summer school at the elementary. I really enjoyed working with the kids. I really hope that I was able to make a difference in their progress. It was a short time, but we did work hard while they were there. Supplement you child's education whenever you can!

Cody and I went to St. George this weekend for a doctors appointment for Cody. The appointment went well. We really like the doctor that we are seeing. He works really closely with Cody and has helped us to feel confident in being able to get better, no matter what it is.

Cody is doing better. His arm and leg are feeling more coordinated and he is feeling overall better. We feel so blessed.

While we were in St. George our friend, Alex Jensen, came to tell us about her trip to Tanzania, Africa. She worked at an orphanage for five weeks teaching English and Bible class. As we saw pictures of the cute children, we were startled at how many of them had been abused. One child's toes had been burned off by his father, a little girl had had her legs broken, and one baby boy had been left on his back for two months in a dark room. He is now left blind and mentally handicap. Each of the children had a sad story, but they had a smile on their face and played as any little child would play. Alex explained that they took care of each other and loved each other. The youngest child was always first in line for food. She has pictures of the children holding hands. The school had dirt floors, no windows and they children had little to eat. One hundred and ten children lived in small rooms...three children to a bed. Many do not have blankets to keep them warm at night. There is no toilet and toilet paper. The children have dirty clothes and few have shoes. Alex said that their eye sight is poor becuase the orphanage cannot afford to buy fruit for the meals. Alex said that she could buy ten banannas for ten children with one American dollar. She was able to buy some school supplies for the children, but it was not enough. I was just overwhelmed at what they lack and yet Alex had videos of the children laughing and singing. How much do we have? Are we unhappy? This is just a testament that the things we have do not give us happiness. Alex has made a lot of great trustworthy contacts in that area and is going to be sending money or supplies over. I have thought about getting some things together in our community to bless the lives of these children. We could gather school supply kits, make some blankets to keep a child warm at night, or send money for fruit. The smallest things go a long way with these children.

Speaking of blessings we take for granted...we got to go out to dinner with my sister Holly and her husband Mark. We also saw Tarzan at Tuachan. It was entertaining, but I think I had a harder time enjoying it becuase it was close to 100 degrees outside. St. George does not cool down like Alamo in the evenings.

We also had a nice visit with Cody's Aunt Claudia and Uncle Dave. They were here for a couple of days and blessed our lives with wonderful ways to be healthy and well!

I will soon post some great pictures of Cody on his kayak and rafting trip.

P.S. Our air conditioning stopped blowing cold air this week. We are so spoiled and we don't know it until it is gone!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Changing.

I think I am ready to write about this now. My husband Cody took a group of young men to a kayak and rafting scout camp in Idaho. They left super early Sunday. Cody was having a blast learning how to roll his kayak and white water rafting. The second day he was there he started to feel really tired which is not unusual when you have been out on the river all day, but he noticed that as he was pulling his kayak up out of the water with his left hand he lost grip of the edge and stumbled and fell. He also noticed he was fumbling around in his tent, but he attributed it to uneven ground. Wednesday they were finally on their way home and he noticed that as he tried to grip the steering wheel with his left hand, it would fall. His entire left side was weak and numb. Even the left side of his mouth and tongue were numb. The next day we went to the clinic in Alamo to find out what was going on. We ended up having a CAT scan and some blood work. It all came back clear so the doctor recommended he get more rest and drink more water. We went home assuming it had to do with heat exhaustion, altitude change, and or dehydration. The next day after a lot of rest he still was not feeling right. We decided to go to the chiropractor to see if it was a pinched nerve.

We left Alamo with the impression that we would be back in a few hours. The chiropractor sensed the situation was serious and sent us to the Emergency Room. The night before, the doctor from the clinic had mentioned that we should get an MRI done. Once Cody was in the ER he ended up having an MRI done on his brain.

They found lesions on the right and left side of his brain. They suspected it was Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but they suggested we wait for the M.D. and the neurologist to make the diagnosis. Both the neurologist and MD came into meet us and find out his story. All the sudden, Cody and I realized that he had a serious health condition, even if it wasn't MS. Cody was ordered to have a spinal tap, more blood work, and a treatment of steroids. We ended up being in the hospital for five and a half days. Cody was very uncomfortable from the spinal tap and the medicine. He was nauseous continually and would get a bad headache each time he sat up a little bit. He ate very little, threw up often, and worked with physical therapists. On Tuesday the M.D. and the neurologist confirmed that it was Multiple Sclerosis. It was not until Wednesday morning that Cody got some relief when he was given a blood patch which basically closed up the spinal tap hole with a blood clot.

The nurses, staff, and doctors were wonderful at Spring Valley Hospital. We had our own private room and had a lot of visitors. So many people came to show their love and concern for us. I am so thankful for each one of them. I cannot name them all because there so many, but I know them in my heart. We are finally back home and look forward to starting life back up again.

Cody is finding that the daily things that were once very easy for him are going to be challenging. I am sure it is tough for Cody to think about not being able to ride horses or change careers because he loves what he does. We have to wait and see how the disease effects him and how quickly. We are learning a lot about MS and look forward to working with a doctor that can help Cody get better through natural methods combined with modern medicine. We are meeting with a doctor on Monday actually. One of the hardest parts of the transition is the diet change. Both of us are eating very differently so that Cody's body can cope with the changes. Cody ate fish a night ago and he said he is being blessed to actually like it! =)

Again, I am so thankful for family, friends, and community members. We are blessed to have so many people that have shown love and concern! We are hopeful and know that everything will be okay.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wedding Day, November 29, 2008: 105 pounds, size 0 dress
Today: June 24, 2010: more than 105 pounds, size not disclosed, but I will admit the only comfortable pair of pants I own right now are sweat pants.

Plan: 1. Get new clothes 2. Eat better and exercise more often.
Sadly, Plan #1 sounds so much better to me right now!

P.S. I love summer school. My favorite little girl, that has such a hard time concentrating, recently got really close to one of the student aids face and said, "Shhhhh! This is a library!" The best part is that the student aid was not being loud. She is such a hoot!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Schools Out For Summa!

Popsicles or as some say posciples! We had red, blue and yellow lips at our house on Monday!
P.S. Try spotting Alice in both pictures (naked baby with a diaper) haaa!
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