Thursday, January 14, 2010


Me: Hey! Don't roll in the dirt down the hill. You will get all dirty.
4th grader: It's OK. I'm a boy. That's what boys do.
He proceeds to roll down the partially wet sand hill without regard for his clothing or bare stomach in 50 degree weather. At the bottom he said, "That was fun. I think I will do it again."
Of course he should get completely sandy and wet in freezing weather...he's a boy!

Me: Cody, please take your boots off before you come in.
Cody: O, sweets its OK. They're not dirty.
He proceeds to bring a small mound of dirt into the house.

Of course my husband should bring the dirt in...he's a boy!

I have decided I am not supposed to understand boys...just to appreciate them. =)

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  1. Just wait 'til you have little boys running around. Then you will have to try really hard to "appreciate" all the wonderful things they do!


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