Friday, January 22, 2010 and old.

For all those of you that do not have the pleasure of taking your trash to the local are missing out. =) The phrase ones man's junk is another man's treasure applies to our family lately. There is an unofficial tradition of people leaving things that they think other people might be interested in near the dump instead of actually in the dump bins, so thankfully when I say we got something from the dump we didn't actually dive into the trash and take a look. The first time Cody took something I was mortified. Time after time, I would tease and harp on him about his bad habit of being a proud 2nd owner of things left at the dump site. A few days ago, I was put in my place though. Cody came home and told me he had a surprise. He brought out a cabinet that was actually in pretty good shape. I was thrilled and I found out it was from the dump. Cody laughed at my sudden approval of getting things from the dump.
Cody: "So if it is something that you want, it is ok to get from the dump."
Me: "This is different."
The only reason my dump item is any different than Cody's previous jackpots was that I didn't have to physically pick it up, be around, look at, and smell the garbage, and then bring it home. As far as my mind could see, Cody just brought home an item that I happened to like. Needless to say, I will be less apt to give Cody a hard time when he brings home things from the dump. If anything I should be grateful since he has used two of the things he has brought home from the dump frequently since their fortunate discovery.
Despite the cabinet being from the dump, I had a lot of fun painting and decorating it. The picture above is the end result of the dump cabinet. P.S. If you recognize the cabinet, you can now have the satisfaction of knowing it was put to better use than rotting in a landfill. =)
We also had another pleasant surprise recently that made Cody's day. A beautiful antique rocking chair was sitting in the living room when we got home the other day with a old hand mixer on top. Cody has been eyeballing a particular rocking chair at Wild Rose Junktiques for about 4 months now and even put a down payment on it to keep it reserved. We have not been able to get it because getting new furniture has not been on our priority list. Cody's dad picked it up and brought it to the house to surprise Cody--an early birthday gift. We love our newest piece of furniture. Thanks Dad Bowman!
Life is good and we are really excited about the developments on the ranch and Cody's business. I am still subbing when I can and keeping busy with tutoring.


  1. Love the cabinet. We have seen people that end up with our old stuff before lol. For the record, that was not my cabinet, but when the boys were little, Tyson had a spring horse thing (I have no idea what it's really called) and we took it to the dump and then he saw it at a friend's house a week or so later. Then, once Jeremy took up 2 kids rocking chairs and his friend later showed him his "awesome" dump finds. lol. Love it.

  2. Hey Lucy, the Cabinet looks really good! I like the chair to :)

  3. The cabinent turned out awesome!!!!!!!!!
    Go mod podge

  4. It turned out good. Love the rocking chair too - we have an Amish rocking chair that Aaron got on his mission and I made him steal it from his parents' house when I was pregnant with Ben. I love to rock my babies in that chair.

  5. I remember when the dump was a huge hole in the ground. nice find! love the rocker.


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