Thursday, February 25, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

I remember very well when me and my siblings gave my mom the hardest time about her obsessive behaviors.
My brother had left a brand new soccer sweatshirt at the church cultural hall. We would laugh so hard when she would tell us that she had had dreams about the sweatshirt and talked about it incessantly.
"Mom, there is nothing you can do about it. Let it go!" we would tell her over and over. My mom would reply, for the hundredth time,"It was brand new. Jamie, I can't believe you left it there.I need to go look again." Our pleas to forget about it were in vain. She told every member of our ward to be on the look-out and truly was devoted to finding the sweatshirt.
Once I let a friend borrow two of our best, huge umbrellas. My friend never returned them. My mom still brings up my error in not getting them back six years later. I laugh every time she brings it up. In my defense, I did try several times to get the umbrellas back, and I actually vaguely remember seeing them in my friend's trunk and her wanting me to take them, but I told her that I would get them later! haaa.
Anyways, I don't tell you this to make my mom look bad, I tell you to confess that I am exactly the same way. The only reason I was able to disregard my mom's complaints so easily was because they didn't directly affect me! =[.
If you know my mom, you know she has far more more wonderful qualities than she does flaws. My mom is using her super focus powers right now to juggle going back to college to get her teaching degree, working, and taking care of her family. You would have to have some sticktoitiveness to do what she does. Congratulations to my mom who just got accepted to the teacher education program at Dixie State.
Like my dear mother, I tend to get my mind stuck on something, and I can't let it go. This is a curse and a blessing. In many aspects my obsessive nature has pushed me to do and become things that I probably wouldn't have without this one track mind. I shouldn't say one track mind though because, not only do I think about soccer (my current focus) constantly, but I also think about 15 other things at the same time. I think and think and think some more about my issue until that issue is resolved or done. On the negative side, I get stressed out very quickly and the stress quickly results in a burn-out. The issue only goes away in my mind when it is over or taken care of. I guess I have a built in "never give up" switch in my brain, whether I like it or not. Maybe God knew I wouldn't get things done unless I had this switch. I must say though, however time consuming and mind consuming making a soccer program has been, I can proudly announce that we have 45 kids playing this season between the ages of 5 and 12. I am so excited and I have witnessed the kindness and help of a lot of people in this community. I have met many people that I did not know before in many different places, and therefore, my friends exceed the enemies I have made during this endeavor. A huge thanks to those that have taken some of the load! So, I guess my point is...count your curses, and they can turn into blessings? =) Luckily, I have a patient husband and an understanding Mom who take the good with the ugly! haa. I am sure that some of you have had similar discoveries as time always tells.


  1. That's great that you have such a good number playing!

  2. Lucy, Congratulations on your success with building a soccer program in your town...that is no small feat!! My mom is also a very determined, one-tracked mind Pingree daughter and you know what, they know how to get things done. It is a wonderful trait! Your Mom is awesome! Congratulations to her too!! Love, Jana


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