Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unplanned Date Night

Cody came home early enough to play tennis with me yesterday. He is getting better at playing which makes it really fun for me. I do get nervous though because he tends to get good too quickly. I like playing things with him that I can win at. I still won't play checkers with him because I first, don't have the patience to wait for him to think 5000 years before making a move, and second, I can't win! =)
Anyways, we also went to the warm springs and had the place to ourselves which hasn't happened probably since our first unofficial date about three years ago. We stopped at R place and had some potato wedges and chicken sandwhiches. Cody told me the story again of how they would get potato wedges after swimming and how good they tasted because they were famished after swimming. We ended the night with a movie and our date night was complete. Last night, I was surprised at how smoothly everything went especially since it was not planned. Everytime I plan a date it usually ends in a disaster. So I have decided to be a bit more spontaneous.
We watched the Princess and the Frog (courtesy of the Wood family...thanks). The animation and music was awesome. The "shadow man" was very creepy and Cody even said when he turned off the light he got scared because he saw his shadow! haaa.
I have my first woman's doctor appointment tomorrow and I am apprehensive. I don't think any woman really looks forward to it, but it is part of life. I have so many siblings and friends that have had this experience that it is almost like the childbirth stories. Everyone has a story unique to them, and some are not pleasant. Needless to say, I want it over with!
We have another soccer game in St. George this weekend. I love my Alamo Aces. They have been working hard and I am hopeful that they will compete well this weekend.


  1. Good Luck to your team this weekend.

    I didn't have my first woman's Dr appointment until i got pregnant, it was interesting it would be an in person conversation. its kinda funny. but i would rather not share with the whole world.:) You will be fine.

    sounds like a fun date, i'm glad you had fun.

  2. You mean you've never been to the woman dr or did I misunderstand? Glad you had a fun night - Enjoy it while you can. With 3 little kids are date nights are few and far between.

  3. What a perfect date!! Animated movies are the best! Hope your appointment was uneventful and good luck at your game this weekend.


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