Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Camp Out Extravaganza

Cody and I went camping this past weekend. We had a late start so we didn't take any horses like we were planning. The more simple the better is my motto when camping. Our dutch oven potatoes did not get done until 9:30 pm so you can imagine how good they tasted! We also had the Bowman tradition Yerba tea. It has an assortment of herbs, honey, and powdered milk. It warmed us up just right which was good since it was very cold. The fire was also a challenge considering the wet wood we gathered. I thought I was doomed to freeze that night when I pulled out the sleeping bags and one that Cody had packed had a faulty zipper. We got creative and opened both sleeping bags and added a down blanket at our feet and waalaaa...toasty warm. I never sleep all that great when I am not in my bed, but it was enough to get up early and have breakfast burritos. I also slept a little better because instead of being a baby and holding my pee all night long, I faced the icy wind and used the great outdoors before I got back into bed. It is truly the worst when you are warmed up and then you have to go back out in the cold. That was one set-back to drinking a lot of tea. =)
When we got home, the fun did not end there. Cody and I worked in the yard until my parents came. My mom and dad were kind enough to bring me my wedding ring and our bag of potatoes from our trip to St. George almost four weeks ago! I tend to leave something where ever I go. I have to take my ring into the store we bought it at this next weekend to get a new one. I am hoping that they have the exact same ring because I do not want to have to change. I love that Cody picked out the wedding ring and that I loved it. My dad took us to Windmill Ridge for lunch and we visited until they left. Then...(I was very tired by the end of this day) Cody's family came over for a BBQ. I had another bowl of ice cream as well. I have had a bowl of ice cream almost everyday for a little over a week! It tastes so good, but it is sooo bad! I need to cut-back or I will be packing on the pounds faster than I have time to get rid of them.
Trina, Ben and Paige were around this last weekend as well. Yesterday, Trina and Connie's girls were able to picnic at the Whipple Ranch and take a horse ride with Cody. It was fun to see there reaction to the horses.
I love books! I have been looking for good books to read with my student that I tutor. I have found some great ones at the Alamo Library. I am grateful for our little library, however small it may be. Some good young adult fiction: A Year Down Yonder, The Cricket in Times Square, The Whipping Boy. There are some great new ones out as well that I am excited to read.
I have two major goals this week. Study for my Nevada state tests enough to pass and have my book printable by the time I go to Vegas. My book has evolved a lot since my first drafts, but I feel that there is still soooo much room for improvement. I am at the stage that I need input though, so another printing is necessary.
P.S. I found these gem photos I forgot I had from soccer.

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  1. sounds like fun, you know i think i write that everytime, but you know what it is so true. it sounds like so much fun and i'm jealous. how is soccer going?


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