Monday, April 5, 2010


Paige and Alice in the flour.
Kung Fu Ninja Game

Easter Dinner

Easter was unique this year. My mother-in-law has a really neat book on how to celebrate Easter with Christ as the center. A neat activity that was suggested in the book was having a passover dinner as a family. Learning about the Jewish traditions and symbolism was interesting. My contribution was lamb. I used a Middle Eastern lamb stew recipe that turned out surprisingly good. The last few times I have had lamb, it tasted gamey and I vowed not to eat or cook it again, but I am glad I tried again. The dinner also included the Matzah(unleavened bread), Hazaret (bitter herb), charoseth (a sweet paste), yogart, nuts, dates, cheese, lentil soup, and other food that would have been around during that time. It was a great meal and despite my mother-in-law's fears that everyone would leave hungry, everyone was fat and happy by the end of the meal. Grandma Wharton gave the explanations for the different elements of the feast. This weekend was also a special weekend because it was General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The importance of family was a a prominent message. I loved the illustration given by Elder Robert D. Hales about his grandson that crawled onto his lap while Elder Hales was reading, put his face in his hands and asked, "Are you in there Grandpa?" Children are so wonderful and can teach us so many things in simple ways. Whenever family gets together we are blessed with lots of babies and kids: Paige, Alice, Jericho. This weekend was no exception. Paige and Alice found the flour at the Lytles house and had some fun with it.
Cody also went to Youth Conference this last week and had a good experience. He and Adam were the DJs at the dance. Since the dance he has decided that we should take dance lessons and start a dance club. I love to dance with my husband, but he mentioned hip hop and I opted not to join. =) He also learned a game called Kung Fu Ninja and got all of us to try it--I could never be a ninja because my reflexes are slower than a sloth.
Enjoy your week!


  1. sounds like fun. the passover dinner sounds like a neat idea.

  2. you'll have to email me the photos of paige :)


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