Friday, April 30, 2010


I decided to watch a movie and study for my test at the same time. I have to admit I did a lot more watching and less studying. I watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama. I was thinking about the choice she made between city boy and country boy. I, like Melanie (main character in the movie), made a similar choice and decided to go with the country boy. What a journey and boy, was it worth it! =)

As I was making this silly comparison, I glanced down and noticed the frame that has pictures of Cody and me in it, along with a poem that I wrote. So many mixed emotions came as I read the poem.

Cody and I had broken up for the second or third time. Cody gave our break-up one day and then asked to take me on a date. I said yes. We went to Red Rock and took a climb. At the top of the mountain he told me that he had read a letter that his Grandpa Bowman had written in the past. It was about a kite. Grandpa Bowman had related the kite to each of us, the tail as service, the wind as adversity, the string as the word of God. Cody had decided that if we could withstand the opposition in our relationship we would be ok. He asked if we could get back together. Guess what I said? Soon after our date I wrote this poem:

The Kite

A diamond in the open blue
Smiles and laughter as it flew
Dips, sways-reaches
Kisses and embraces as it teaches.

String is pulling, winds are new
Kite still strong against more than few
Floating higher on the beaches
Now the view has bright features.

Tail and string and perfect measures--
bring so many tear-bought treasures.
May the simple thought of kite
always bring us fight and light.

Excerpt from Grandpa Bowman's letter: "May we be like Don Vicente's (his friend that taught him how to make kites) kite, perfectly bridled and held up by the string of the Word of the Lord. May we develop a long tail of service to our fellow men and to the Lord's church. Then in the winds of adversity we will be pushed up and be strong and steady in our lives--that we may have peace and joy each day."

Cody and I continued to face challeges after the poem was written, but it did not make the principles of the kite less true. However difficult the past may have been, I look back with gratitude and peace. Each day that I trust the Lord and depend on Him, I recieve answers to the whys that accompany past and present trials. Truly, if we endure well when things are rough, we can enjoy all the wonderful blessings the Lord has in store for us. I now live, and can always choose to live, with that joy and peace that comes from having a high-flying kite.

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  1. That's so Awesome! You made my day. Thank you.


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