Monday, April 19, 2010

Not by Chance

Cody and I are reading a book called Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey. I was impressed with Dave's story and his advice. More than that, I was impressed with how amazing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is. Even though I am learning new things and getting motivated by the book, I have noticed that the same principles that Dave teaches were already taught to me through my membership in the church.

-Tithing first (giving)

-No buying on credit

-Working hard

-Choosing a profession wisely

-Staying out of debt

-Teaching our children to budget and make good decisions

Truly as generations weaken from lack of discipline and knowledge, the members of the LDS faith have no excuse. We have been taught through all the ages how to live happily and peacefully! Truth is unchanging and will always win over the trends of the day. Wow! It is not by chance that these truths that Dave Ramsey has shared with the world are popular and have already been taught to me in my youth despite the statistics for my generation. Almost half of all women and men ages 18-25 still live at home with Mom and Dad! Sad.

Tests! I have to take two Praxis tests, a NV school law, consitution and US constitution tests to keep my teacher license. I am going to be tired of studying and broke when this is all over with. =) O the wonderful hoops we must jump through in life.

Cody and I are going to go camping this weekend and I am really excited. Camping is great because it is cheap and fun.

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  1. Have fun camping and good luck on your tests! I've heard his program is very similar to what the church teaches.


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