Thursday, April 8, 2010

Poems of the Present


I see the road ahead
the music turned up, the car all packed
Yearning for the days to come,
knowing past more pleasant when gone.
Content is where they should go, but new is what they want:
Faces, places, boxes, change.
Shivers come when Home stays put,
smile appears when Home uproots.
Looking far ahead, parting peacefully behind.


A new

Home is where the heart is they say.
Why does this home itch and stratch
send some to pack and undo the latch?
Listen, and travel that way.

Grass is greener on the other side
They say it's myth, but I say they lie.
Day after day monotony fills with whys.
This small piece of life must be more wide.

Unfriendly glances and friends too few
People don't know or need to
Fresh blue sky and things to do
Away, away and make a new.
© Lucy Jo. Made with love by The Dutch Lady Designs.