Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Few Frustrations

1) Every time I go to make dinner I am missing one ingredient!
2) I could eat cereal for dinner, but I can't because that is just plain mean to a working man.
3) Kids love substitutes...because they think they can get away with more! Thank goodness the zoo animal people are coming tomorrow at the elementary school. I swear it is the younger ones that can really drive me to madness!
My attempts to keep their routine are met with responses like this:
"Mrs. Bowman, we don't do that first."
"No, that is wrong!"
"I'll do it."
Then to make matters worse I hear this all day:
"So and so touched my paper!"
"He looked at me wrong."
"George said he likes Cindy."
"Can you help me?" (The kid hasn't even attempted to read the instructions or look at the paper himself.)
"Can I go to the bathroom?" (This is the tenth time the same kid has asked.)
I love young kids, but there is a reason I went to school to teach high school English.
4) I need to read four chapters of a business book, and I don't want to.
5) It is Cinco de Mayo, and I want to eat Italian.
6) My car still needs a new transmission.
7) 500 years later, I can't breath through my nose at night. Allergies and sinus problems have led me to almost single-handedly use a Costco size thing of T.P. on my nose. I am out $18 and my nose is raw.
7) I am done complaining. I just got a call from Connie. I get to make dinner with my sister and mother-in-law.

Thank goodness it is Thursday tomorrow. Thursdays are like Fridays here. I have three of my past roommates/friends coming to visit and Jackie's Welsh boyfriend coming to hang out with Cody. Good times to come!


  1. I have a list from yeasterday to!

  2. Love this post! If I said I could write one like this everyday, would I appear to be way too negative? High School English Rocks! Thank you for getting the word out there....Some people are getting it confused with other, less educational, activities. With you on the allergies too. I finally got my first netti pot (not to get it confused with smoking pot) and used it for the first time. Very helpful, now I've only used up 3/4 of a Costco size package of toilet paper. Hey do you think we would have been better off if we had bit the bullet and and bought actual Kleenex with that wonderful lotion in it? I mean to you think it would have been worth eating top romen for the rest of the month? FYI, that is actually what I served for dinner tonight and for dessert: Cold Cereal! It isn't that Derek doesn't work his fanny off but he just happens to be working hard out of town. Tomorrow night I'm not even going to make top romen, thanks to your post, I'm just going straight for the cold Cereal! Ok all joking aside, George really does like Cindy. (You can tell by the way he pulls her hair) and if it makes you feel better Jimmy really did have to go to the bathroom...that time. And you’re right, little Robby doesn’t need your help, he just thinks you are pretty and loves the attention. I just thought you might want to know the truth before the school year ends. Hang in there sweetie, just a couple of more weeks.
    Love you tons,

  3. I love the comment B!! You can always make me laugh!


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