Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Next time...

Me and Alice having a picnic (Can youfind Connie's sandwhich? =))

Ok. Today I was humbled in so many ways. I have learned all of these great tips on how to be proactive instead of reactive, and I failed miserably today to apply these tips.

People I admire:

Do you know those people that are always cool and calm even under very stressful and difficult circumstances? I know a few of these collected people, and I have to say that they have a special gift. These particular character traits of patience and serenity in hard times are extremely noteworthy, and I am going to have to work a lifetime to aquire them!

Peple like me:

When thing get hard, out of my control, or frustrating I get angry first, frustration and stress follow and then I become irrational and very unpleasant to be around. Eventually I cool down enough to think a bit clearer and then I breakdown. I get very sad and disappointed that I didn't handle the situation better and bitter regret follows my reactions.

Goal: Next time something is difficult and inherently stressful, I will take a deep breath, count to ten to remind me that I can control my reactions, and think of how pleasant it will be to get over the hump with dignity!

On a more positive note...Last night I was over at Derek and Bianca's (brother and sister in-law)house and I began to describe a good movie I watched...Julie and Julia. We ended up watching it on Netflix as we packed. I am always so impressed with people that can find something great to write about it and write about it well! Julie was able to relate with so many people just my describing her journey through Julia's Child's recipes. Although the movie was inspiring, the best part of the night was our midnight snack. If you had just watched people eat delicious French cuisine, wouldn't you be hungry too? So, we watched a video of Julia Child's cooking an ommlette. I tried very hard to imitate her techniques and kindof succeeded (at least Bianca, Cheyenne, and Jackson were kind enough to say it was a success). I added butter and then shook the eggs in a circular motion. The next step was to move the pan back and forth between me and the oven. That part didn't work for me, but thankfully I don't think it changed the taste! We ate our ommlettes with cheese and to our delight a generous person in town had brought the working boys at the other house some dutch oven potatoes, so we added that to our meal. A good movie and a full stomach was a great way to end the night.


  1. I'm usually fairly good in the situation, but then vent and complain about it after the fact, which is really no better!

  2. Lucy, I admire your resolve!! Practical application is always easier in the books...and the movies. I think you're awesome that you take a challenge head on and you jump right in without fear or hesitation.

  3. lucy you are inspiring.(sp?) i wish we lived closer you would be lots of fun to hang out with.

  4. I have to say that I'm the same way Lucy you’re not the only one and after getting stressed out I have to say sorry to Ben because I feel like a crazy wife that cant Handel anything and he never gets mad at anything or stressed well that’s what it seems like anyway.

  5. Amen sissta always something I try to work on.
    Then I decide to try again tomorrow.


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