Monday, May 10, 2010

Non-stop weekend

Lindsay--pregnant, Julie--getting married in a few weeks, Jackie--brought Welsh boyfriend, Jon all came to visit on Friday. I cooked them dinner and then after visiting the girls started the pillow talk and the boys went off to enjoy their outdoor adventure (included a gun, mud, and rabbits in no particular order.) I loved being able to talk with my girlfriends. As we sat and talked I realized how neat my age is. So many stages of life represented with four former roommates: prego, married with no babies, engaged, dating. Anyways we had a great time and I was sad to see them go. They headed to Vegas to finish off their bachelorette activities.

Saturday, Cody participated in a Ranch versatility event at the ranch. He really enjoyed it and did well according to the people there. I watched a little bit, but after getting dirt and cow saliva flung on me from the sidelines, I figured having lunch with Cody was my last event at the ranch. I visited with Connie afterwards and then eventually went back to the ranch to enjoy a delicious BBQ with all the people that were at the event. I enjoyed meeting the people there. It gave me confidence that I might be able to interact with all the cowboy/horse people that Cody associates with.

Sunday-Mother's Day. Cody and I went over to cook Mom Bowman breakfast--biscuits and gravy. It was a lovely day at church. The music chorister asked moms of some of the kids in Primary to come in secretly and show only their hands. After asking various questions, the kids could guess whose hands belonged to whom. The kids seemed to really like it. I decided that I could guess my mother's hands.

After church we had dinner with Mom and Dad Bowman. Following dinner, Cody and I were able to talk to my brother in Japan through a conference call on Skype. Jamie is doing so well with his Japanese that he was making odd noises that are obviously common in Japan, but made him sound a little crazy to us. He is having a lot of success in Japan and doesn't want to leave. My family was asking some questions about when they are going to pick him up for his mission and he didn't want to talk about leaving. In an email he wrote to me after the phone call, he told me that if Ammon can serve a mission for 14 years, why can't he. It is always good to hear that they don't want to only means things are really good. =)

Cody and I are taking a business class in Caliente right now. We are loving the things we are learning and have enjoyed coming up with new ideas for our current business and other businesses we are interested in starting. If we can keep up with the reading and the homework we will have a great business plan at the end of these 13 weeks!

Looking forward to:
Joanie's high school graduation
Going to California in three weeks

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  1. fun! if you need anywhere to stay on the way to or from heading to your families let us know.


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