Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick Trip.

Jam-packed is all I have to say for this weekend.
Thursday: Joanie's graduation. Ceremony was painless except for the headache I had afterwards from all the air horns going off. I must have missed the memo on the contest to make the most noise when the grads came across the stage. My family lost! My parents hosted a BBQ the ceremony and we had great food and company once again.
Friday: We met Cody's parents in Cedar City and went on to Provo area. We went to a birthday part for one of Cody's great uncles--95 years old I think. I don't know how I feel about living that long. We then went to my friend Julie's wedding reception. It was in someone's beautiful backyard with an awesome view of a canyon. Julie looked beautiful and we were able to see good friends. I played a rousing game of Canasta with Linds and Ryan while Cody worked on his talk for his Grandpa Bowman's funeral.
Saturday: Grandpa Bowman's viewing began early in the morning. I was impressed with how many people were there even though Grandpa Bowman spent almost his entire life in Mexico. Many people were there to honor him. The talks and music were wonderful. Cody did a great job summarizing the great man he loves so much. The violin and cello were beautiful and the double quartet left many people in tears because they could hear Grandpa singing with them. At the grave site a mariachi band sang a song that had been requested from Grandpa before he passed away. Grandpa had loved Mexico and its culture. I choked up the most as they sang by his grave site. We spent the rest of the day visiting with family and friends, eating, watching movies, and playing games.
Sunday: We drove back in time to be on a dating panel for the youth of the stake. It seemed like the youth there enjoyed it and I was grateful to be able to bear testimony in a way. I am very grateful for the youth today that are willing to be good when that is not the popular thing to do. I am also very grateful that we have a prophet on earth today that can give us truth when everything else seems to be turning upside down!


  1. Now that is one full weekend! I'm so glad that everything went well...congrats to Joanie and so sorry for Cody's Grandpa's passing.

  2. whew! Talk about things to do and not enough time to do it. I am officialy awestruck.
    Good Job!

    - A beehive


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