Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lucvinda and Edilberto Panganiban (the grandparents) Me and Husband

<--Wiskeytown Lake

Joanie is eating some fresh corn.

Me and Junnel. She drove from San Fran to see me. Love her!


Auntie Lisa & Uncle Bobby


More cousins and the backyard eating fest!

Sisters, sisters...

Cody's idea of vacation and Joanie's constant obsession: reading.

Grandma dear and Mother dear talking.

Beginning of a long, wonderful trip!

So, I am officially back from California and Utah. Our vacations are over and it is bitter sweet. The trip to Utah was very long, mostly because five people travelled 13 hours in what my dad called his Korean van (Hyundai compact car). Out of sheer survival, we stopped about every couple hours to stretch our legs, buy too many snacks, and gas up. My father, being the economical man that he is, never breached 70 miles per hour making our trip exceptionally fast. One of my favorite memories is stopping in Barstow. We went inside this railroad thing that had a McDonald's in it along with a conglomeration of other restaurants and knick knack stores. My sister Joanie had a revelation that she did not like crowds as we sat in very poorly ventilated building with hundreds of other people surrounding us. She attempted to hold her breath the entire time we were there. She officially likes living in a smaller town in conservative Utah.
When we finally reached Lincoln, California at about 10 p.m., my sainted grandmother had a delicious meal of pansit and steaks waiting for us to devour. The next day grandma ordered us to relax and eat. We obeyed! In the afternoon, we went with my aunt and uncle to watch my cousin play soccer and then ate yummy Round Table pizza with them. In the evening my grandpa turned on recordings of Glen Beck on TV. Cody, my dad and Grandpa decided to have a Glen Beck marathon and didn't come to bed until everyone else was asleep. The next day is kind of fuzzy because I ate so much. My grandma cooked until she was exhausted and my grandpa sat outside most of the day BBQing large quantities of ribs and chicken. I ate to my heart's content and then ate some more. =)
The last part of our vacation we travelled two more hours to Redding. We ate lunch with family friends at Chevy's, went to the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River, Wiskeytown Lake, out to my high school, and visited more family. It was such a short trip, but it was fun to be there again. Cody complained of claustrophobia and I was loving every minute of the trees.
The drive home was broken up again by 20 plus stops. One stop was seeing Cody's cousins and eating lunch on a patch of grass between Walmart and a gas station. Then there was a farmers market in California we stopped at that had peaches that were so juicy it was dripping from my mouth and hands, strawberries that melt in your mouth and homemade fudge that could only be eaten in small portions. My father bought a pound of the fudge and it may not get eaten within the year because it is so sweet.
After returning from California, I stayed in St. George with my family to do observations of pre-school age children. It was very enlightening, and I enjoyed interacting with the children. I have now officially finished one of my early childhood education classes and am home. To celebrate my completion of SPE 325 Cody proposed burgers from R Place. I think that Cody was just hungry, but I took the chance to eat more fries. (Ever since our trips, I have craved greasy, salty, scrumptious fries!)
P.S. I cut my hair! 10 inches donated to Locks of Love.

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