Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wedding Day, November 29, 2008: 105 pounds, size 0 dress
Today: June 24, 2010: more than 105 pounds, size not disclosed, but I will admit the only comfortable pair of pants I own right now are sweat pants.

Plan: 1. Get new clothes 2. Eat better and exercise more often.
Sadly, Plan #1 sounds so much better to me right now!

P.S. I love summer school. My favorite little girl, that has such a hard time concentrating, recently got really close to one of the student aids face and said, "Shhhhh! This is a library!" The best part is that the student aid was not being loud. She is such a hoot!


  1. lucy i know your pain with in the first 6 months of marriage i gain 20 pounds.... ouch! you can do it girl. the starting to exercise may not be fun..... but well worth it in the end i'm sure you well know!

  2. Lucy, you are still as cute as the first time I saw you! :)

  3. Just wait until after you have kids. I would live in pj pants if I could and there are so many treats and goodies lying around the house it's hard not to munch on them.

  4. I know that one! I'm still trying to fit into my pants from when we got married still too small! Man having a kid really changes your body! And I have been working out and still no changes!

  5. I saw you today and I thought, "Man she sure looks cute, I should really do something with myself." I immediately went and put on a dab of make up...but left on the basketball shorts. If ya can't beat them join them. Skinny jeans are over-rated anyway. PS. Thanks for the apples!


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