Saturday, July 10, 2010

Life Changing.

I think I am ready to write about this now. My husband Cody took a group of young men to a kayak and rafting scout camp in Idaho. They left super early Sunday. Cody was having a blast learning how to roll his kayak and white water rafting. The second day he was there he started to feel really tired which is not unusual when you have been out on the river all day, but he noticed that as he was pulling his kayak up out of the water with his left hand he lost grip of the edge and stumbled and fell. He also noticed he was fumbling around in his tent, but he attributed it to uneven ground. Wednesday they were finally on their way home and he noticed that as he tried to grip the steering wheel with his left hand, it would fall. His entire left side was weak and numb. Even the left side of his mouth and tongue were numb. The next day we went to the clinic in Alamo to find out what was going on. We ended up having a CAT scan and some blood work. It all came back clear so the doctor recommended he get more rest and drink more water. We went home assuming it had to do with heat exhaustion, altitude change, and or dehydration. The next day after a lot of rest he still was not feeling right. We decided to go to the chiropractor to see if it was a pinched nerve.

We left Alamo with the impression that we would be back in a few hours. The chiropractor sensed the situation was serious and sent us to the Emergency Room. The night before, the doctor from the clinic had mentioned that we should get an MRI done. Once Cody was in the ER he ended up having an MRI done on his brain.

They found lesions on the right and left side of his brain. They suspected it was Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but they suggested we wait for the M.D. and the neurologist to make the diagnosis. Both the neurologist and MD came into meet us and find out his story. All the sudden, Cody and I realized that he had a serious health condition, even if it wasn't MS. Cody was ordered to have a spinal tap, more blood work, and a treatment of steroids. We ended up being in the hospital for five and a half days. Cody was very uncomfortable from the spinal tap and the medicine. He was nauseous continually and would get a bad headache each time he sat up a little bit. He ate very little, threw up often, and worked with physical therapists. On Tuesday the M.D. and the neurologist confirmed that it was Multiple Sclerosis. It was not until Wednesday morning that Cody got some relief when he was given a blood patch which basically closed up the spinal tap hole with a blood clot.

The nurses, staff, and doctors were wonderful at Spring Valley Hospital. We had our own private room and had a lot of visitors. So many people came to show their love and concern for us. I am so thankful for each one of them. I cannot name them all because there so many, but I know them in my heart. We are finally back home and look forward to starting life back up again.

Cody is finding that the daily things that were once very easy for him are going to be challenging. I am sure it is tough for Cody to think about not being able to ride horses or change careers because he loves what he does. We have to wait and see how the disease effects him and how quickly. We are learning a lot about MS and look forward to working with a doctor that can help Cody get better through natural methods combined with modern medicine. We are meeting with a doctor on Monday actually. One of the hardest parts of the transition is the diet change. Both of us are eating very differently so that Cody's body can cope with the changes. Cody ate fish a night ago and he said he is being blessed to actually like it! =)

Again, I am so thankful for family, friends, and community members. We are blessed to have so many people that have shown love and concern! We are hopeful and know that everything will be okay.


  1. I was so sorry to hear about this Lucy. My brother in law Kody is actually dealing with the same thing right now. He's been having these problems with paralysis, blacking out, etc for months now. He's been to several doctors and had so many tests done. They have suspected MS for awhile, but he still doesn't have a firm diagnosis. It's very scary, as you said, you never know the severity or the speed of progression, etc. I've been thinking of you guys, let me know if you need anything!

  2. omg i am so sorry! There are many stages of MS and the good thing is that it effects everyone differently and Cody could live normally while being treated... OUr prayers are for your family! keep us up to date with how things go. your blog could be a very good outlet for you during this trial... We have friends in our stake who have a little girl going through cancer and her mom blogs every single day about her progress. Its been a really good stress relief for her... Good luck Bowman family!!!

  3. I am at a loss for words. I Love you and you are on my prayers.

  4. Please let us know if we can do anything for you guys.

  5., let Cody know we love him and that he's in our families prayers. I wish that we lived closer so that we could actually help, but you are in our thoughts. Let us know if you want the whole family, including us cousins to fast for him because we'd all love too. We love your family bunches, and I really enjoy reading your blog.:)

  6. We heard about Cody while we were at home for the 4th. Thinking about you guys and praying :)

  7. I don't know if you remember meeting me at your Stake Conference last year, but I am an old highschool friend of Cody's. I just wanted to post a comment and let you know that I will be praying for you guys. How scary this must all be. Tell Cody that Neil and I are thinking of him, and hoping that things turn out for the better!

  8. You are in our prayers. The Lord has a plan for us, sometimes it takes a while to be able to see it clearly! Thanks for keeping us posted! Love, Sandra
    PS--have you talked to Cass MaLoy? I picked her up at the airport when she came to Bend, and we learned how many people we both knew--including you and Cody. It was fun--she said how much she love both of you! sc


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