Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plan B

Hello my friends. It is has been far too long since I wrote.
Life has thrown us some surprises, but we are adapting well and moving forward. After some thought and deliberation, Cody and I have decided that it would be best for Cody to go back to college. Within a week we applied to BYU-Idaho and I was applying for jobs.
All of Cody's application is in, and now we just have to wait to see if he has been accepted. There are times that we look at each other and wonder if we are crazy to go this direction, but most of the time we are just excited.
Cody wants to major in pre-vet and minor in beef production. He is very motivated and has a genuine interest in the things he will be learning. Cody even talked to my cousin's husband Scott (a vet) about vet school and the work it requires, and he left still determined to pursue that path. I am so impressed with Cody and his willingness to try something new and hard. We applied for the Winter semester at BYU-I, so we would begin in January. Our hope is to go to school year round so we can finish his bachelor's degree sooner. Cody is a transfer student and we are really hoping the classes he took in Las Vegas will transfer.
I have been graduated from college for three years now and it seems odd to be going back to my old stomping grounds, but I only have fond memories of the campus, the people and Rexburg. It will be very different going back after having some life experience outside of college and being married. I always thought I would be married while I was at BYU-Idaho. I guess I am kindof getting my wish in a really round about way. =)


  1. I couldn't be happier for you both! Man, I would love to go back to BYU, the people there, and get my Masters. I dream of it often. You are so lucky. What an exciting adventure!

  2. Ok i have to say that i am EXCITED!!!!! we will be up at byu i at the same time. we are moving up in october, so if you need anywhere to stay if you come up for a visit to look at housing or what not you are more than welcome!!!


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