Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love my niece and nephew.

Joshua tells me I am his best friend. He is wearing Cody's tennis shoes and his huge smile!

Beka is trying to get a look at the camera while her brother gives her loves.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rainy Days and a Baby!

I forgot how much I love rainy, cloudy days. When you live where the sun is shining most of the time it is easy to forget!
This last weekend Cody and I went to St. George. We listened to conference with family, cheered on the marathon runners-my brother-in-law included, took walks in the cool weather, did some shopping and most importantly got to see the baby inside of me. It is little Jane Bowman. She is healthy as far as we could tell with limbs, fingers, toes, a pumping heart, and a functioning stomach. She gave the ultrasound lady a show and made the whole process quite difficult. The ultrasound lady (we will call her Linda) asked which one of us was stubborn. Cody quickly informed her that is was me. Every time Linda wanted to look at a certain part of Jane's little body Jane would put her arms in the way. The baby would wrap her arms around her stomach, her legs, and even did a few front toe touches. Cody said she was being modest. =) Linda said that if our daughter wants to paint her room lime green to not argue and just paint it lime green.
We were not able to find out the gender for awhile because the umbilical cord was in the way of the gender identification area. She finally got a few good shots to confirm that it was indeed a girl. Cody still thinks there is a chance that it is a boy. Gender surprises are not new, as I have recently been informed by many formerly shocked parents, and I will be taking a boy and girl outfit with me when the baby is born. I was actually deemed a boy and given the name Ed before entering the world, so I know that it is possible. =)
As the ultrasound went on, the lady wanted Jane to turn to get a good look at the heart and suddenly the flips and theatrics were over and Jane decided to take a nap. The lady poked my stomach in multiple places, had me go to the bathroom, had me poke one side while she poked the other, and even said I may have to reschedule to come back another time because Jane wasn't moving enough to get the shots she needed. It was hilarious to watch on the screen Jane's head and body getting poked and prodded and her just laying there unaffected. I did not want to have to pay for another ultrasound or make another appointment so I prayed she would cooperate just a little. Jane came through and consented to pose for some mediocre pictures. Linda said the ultra sound shots would not be put into a textbook, but they would have to do. One advantage to Jane being stubborn was that our appointment lasted longer and we got lots of pictures! After the appointment, we were on cloud nine thinking about this little spirit that was so real to us. We both thought about what she would look like, her personality and so forth. I hope it is this exciting and interesting every time we have a baby. It is crazy how much I already love her too. The picture is a four dimensional picture of Jane's face.

Also, recently we had a family fall kickoff. We had the traditional chili and corn bread. A new addition to the meal was fondue cheese and bread and candy corn. Connie and I made some rice crispy treats and made them Halloween festive. We saw the idea at a craft sale here in Alamo. They were cute and delicious! Also, Nicole Burcham was kind enough to let us come make carmel apples with her. Yum! Yum! The night ended with a dance party and non-alcoholic drinks at Derek and Bianca's house.
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