Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The baby shower in Alamo was lots fun! My sisters and mother in law put on a great party. I am very grateful for all those that came and all those that gave a gift. Jane got some really cute stuff. I will really miss the wonderful women I have met here in the Pahranagat Valley. I have so many thank yous to give.

We got to see nieces and nephews dressed up for Halloween. I also got to see Cody dress up in a beloved whoopee cushion costume. I didn't get a picture of Alice and Shaylin, but they looked so cute. I am sure Connie will post some pictures of them. Chocolate was a constant temptation throughout the night. I ate my fair share of candy and although there was regret, it tasted so good!

I will be teaching two sections of English 101 at BYU-Idaho. I got the book I will be teaching from, and I love the material I get to share.

Cody found out what classes he needs to take. He has to have a load of 16-20 credits per semester and the advisor said he was allowed one B. Cody is going to be busy!

We have some leads on places to live and a date set to move...November 12 and 13th. I am not looking forward to the actual moving process, but I am excited to have my own space to decorate again.

My grandma's 80th birthday is this weekend. I get to see a lot of family I haven't seen in some time.

In five days I will no longer have to worry about the GRE test...ever again because I am going to do well! (Positive thinking is suggested when the test date draws near.)

The above pictures are from Fall Kickoff 2010.


  1. hey let us know if you need a place to stay, if your leads don't come through. ok. you are more than welcome to stay with us.

  2. You're gonna rock the GRE!! Good luck with your move, and your new job, and Cody's new classes... all your new adventures!!


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