Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Fun Memories
  • Cramming Joanie and Adell into our car on the way to St. George. They had the pleasure of their own personal cubicles for many hours. Lucky girls! I was an emotional wreck most of the way because of our old car.
  • Shopping and cooking with my mom. You know your mom loves you when...she knows that your husband has already got you a chocolate orange, but still gets you one at the store because she doesn't have heart to say no.
  • Talking with my sisters and hearing their laughs.
  • Seeing the raging waters of the Virgin River almost flood St. George again.
  • Being reassured by a beautiful gigantic rainbow that God is still keeping his promise.
  • Our annual Christmas party-ornament exchange, games (I was nominated to be one of the Santa Clauses because apparently I already sport the jolly belly) and lots of delicious treats! I loved seeing family and getting to visit with my cousin Abby. I have a picture of us, but I looked ghastly so I opted not to post it!
  • Watching movies
  • Christmas dinner and program at Bianca and Derek's house. The house and tables were decorated beautifully! My amazing sister-in-law should have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens! Check out her website for some wonderful ideas and sense of humor!
  • Dancing after the Christmas program.
  • Watching my husband have the time of his life cleaning up his parents backyard, driving a back hoe, and cruising around in the dump truck with Ben Wharton (the only person I know who enjoys working in the yard with Cody.)
  • Christmas morning with excited kids. Playing with nieces and nephews.
  • Talking to my brother who is in Japan and will be home in two months!
  • Chocolate orange and other fun gifts.
  • Ham
  • Dutch blitz



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