Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five Weeks

Jane could could be here in five weeks (or earlier).

My brother will be home from Japan in five weeks. Two years almost come and gone.


Happy Birthday Dad!

There is NO room for my ribs and all the other organs in my body. Blast you heartburn!

I am currently avoiding my homework, but still thinking about the novel I have been reading and the endless checklist of research that awaits me.

Listening to music

Meeting with students about their upcoming paper

Maybe my sister will exercise with me since she exercises every day. She invited me to go to a Zumba class last night. Besides the fact that I was starving at that moment, I laughed to think about me dancing with my bowling ball of a stomach hanging awkwardly from my body as I tried to keep up with fit college students. I took a rain check. She has already agreed to be my personal trainer after I have the baby.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Cody and I got through our first week and a half week of classes and work.

Cody likes his classes, and although he finds some of the classes to be extra challenging, he is going to do great. Math is a struggle and I have felt, at times, that I am developing a stress induced ulcer from his experiences. It is harder to watch him go through school than it was going through it myself!

You will have to ask him about his emotional roller coaster or read his blog. He has gone through a lot, but he is also adjusting to his schedule and the requirements of his class.

I love my two classes. I have great students, and I am looking forward to learning from them throughout the semester. There is a great mix of students in each class. Most of the students come prepared and are very interactive in discussions and activities. The more great class sessions I have, the more convinced I am that I love this age group and the type of students you get at a private school.  I feel so blessed to be able to teach at such a special university!

Life is different now that we are both very busy. Cody goes to school in the mornings and then I go to work when he gets done. When we are both done, we are not really done because Cody has homework and I have preparations for class to do. We do eat dinner together and last night (the first night since school started we had time to devote to relaxing) we came up with a rule that when we are spending time together there are no computers on, books open, or pencils scribbling. School and work could easily take up all our time! I am not going to think about the 16 page syllabus I recently printed for one of the three graduate classes I will begin on January 18.

The baby room is getting there. I have bedding in the crib and did some more organizing of clothes and other baby things. I also actually put together a bag of comfort measures, and I have a list of things that I need to get to be prepared for the birth.The young women in our ward made us a frozen lasagna dinner and a really cute baby blanket for their activity this week. They all came over to drop it off.  I am so grateful for their kindness. I still have a long list of people to meet, but I am getting there. Our birth class continues to be enlightening, and we are grateful for the continuous practice and stream of information we are getting.

All is well, and we are loving having some sunshine and warmth in Rexburg. Yesterday the clouds were low, there was a beautiful snow fall and the temperature was warmer than usual. Cody has done really well with the weather since we got here. It is amazing how quickly you acclimatize to a place.

I hope everyone has a great week!
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