Sunday, February 6, 2011

One day at a time.

This weekend we went to the birth center for a class about what to expect. I am also going to have an appointment every week up until I have the baby. Anyways, as I sat through the class I discovered how much I have learned over the past 9 months about my body, the child birth experience and post-partum. I am so grateful to my childbirth educator Katy Rawlins, the midwifes at Agape Birth Center, friends, family and the many books and videos available that have prepared me for having my baby. I am prepared as I possibly can be at this point. I truly believe that educating yourself about something as life-changing as bringing a human being into the world is worth all the time and effort. The midwifes compare it to a marathon. Would you run a marathon without training for the event? Not me! I do have a feeling that giving birth is something that I cannot fully understand until I do it for myself though.

My students are starting to ask more questions about my due date, whether I plan to bring the baby to class (No I am not) and noticing my huge stomach. My weekly workout comes from the four flights of stairs to my first classroom and the two down to my other classroom. I have been getting progressively slower at this ascent and descent, but I do it nonetheless. Sometimes I also get a longer walk from my office to the classrooms on days that it is warmer than -20 degrees. To accommodate my schedule I have been hoping to have the baby a week early. I am not getting my hopes up, but a girl can hope! All of my professors for my masters program are aware of my situation and have been willing to accommodate me whenever the blessed event comes. I am really grateful for that.

The nursery is filled with our packed bags for the birthing center, baby clothes, crib all made up, stroller, car seat, diapers, bouncy chair, high chair, rocking chair and many other wonderful baby things. I am ready to have a baby occupy this space that has been so carefully put together. Sometimes I look inside the crib and imagine my baby inside of it. It is a cool thing to think about. I usually do this on the long nights that I pace around the house all night because I have horrible heartburn, or I am so uncomfortable from sleeping. I am convinced that I would rather have a few hours of decent sleep each night with a newborn than no sleep with the baby smashing my insides.

Cody is getting excited. Today in church they blessed a little baby girl, and he kept telling me that we were going to have a little one soon. Then Tony and Audra came over with their new baby, and it looked so natural for Cody to rock the baby to sleep. I am grateful that Cody is so supportive and anxious to be a good daddy.

Outside of being consumed with the impending birthday, I am swamped with grading papers, making lesson plans, meeting with students, completing research for projects, reading depressing books for my American literature class, and trying to keep my husband sane on days where school is almost too much for him. I have been able to have some peace during all this because honestly I can only take it one day at a time. I think that is the way with everyone.

I hope that the next time I post I have pictures of a healthy baby, a proud dad, and a living mom. For the amount of anticipation and anxiety I have had over having a baby, I am think that things are going to go a lot smoother than I imagine. Cody always reminds me that millions of women have done this before and survived. I guess I have a pretty good chance. ;)


  1. Can't believe you're so close! Good luck!

  2. You will do great Lucy... the "event" of getting the baby here safely is a huge worry/marathon/miracle. I remember feeling just like you with all the anticipation and worry. It will all work out! Your mom can be your biggest help in those first few weeks of figuring things out. I hope she is coming up to help you. Listen to her! She will be your "personal trainer" on motherhood and a newborn. Can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. Lucy you are so cute! you will be awesome and you will do fine. i am so excited for you two... soon to be three!

  4. Hey Lucy it's good to hear about your life up in ID I hope everying goes well too:) I miss you guys! Can't wate to see the new baby! Should I buy a plane ticket?

  5. trina if you guys come up you can stay with us if needs be.


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