Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Truth about Motherhood

What no one tells you, but is true:
Breastfeeding can really hurt.
Your body is returning to its original state, and since I was three times the size I usually am while I was pregnant, this return has been painful and takes longer than you would think.
Sometimes your baby's head does not get smaller as it comes out of the birth canal thus causing havoc for the already shocked mother.
Sometimes babies just cry.
Husbands can't stay home with you forever.
You feel like you could eat a baby whale and drink a large portion of the Earth's fresh water when you are breastfeeding.
You can cry whenever you want for any reason you want during the first two weeks of having a new baby.
Having company the day you get home is not a good idea.
You don't go anywhere without planning around the next breastfeeding or thinking of how many people will be exposed to your brand new baby.
Baby clothes and blankets do not stay new for long.
Your new perfume is dirty diaper and infant throw up.

Now to convince you that motherhood is not all struggle...I love my daughter!
  • She does what I like to call the One-eyed Jane. When you are rocking her to sleep, she will open one eye ever so slightly to check that she is still being held and we haven't pulled a fast one on her by setting her down. You can imagine that this helps with productivity in the home. =)
  • She is looking more and more like Cody each day. She has maintained my nose, but her hair has lightened and her eyes still remain blue! She has wonderfully fat cheeks that get plenty of kisses and a nice big bottom lip like her dad that sticks out when she is really asleep. She has curly hair that we think may have come from Grandpa Bowman.
  • She has to wear mittens all the time because she has long fingernails, and I am too chicken to cut them.
  • She grunts a lot and is a ravenous eater.
  • I love to wake up and see her sleeping near me.
  • She enjoys her bathtime. Thanks Grandma for getting us into the routine. Also, welcome home to my brother Jamie from Japan. He was a great uncle and even tried out the techniques from The Happiest Baby on the Block. Jane wouldn't go for it sometimes, but it was worth a try! =)
She truly is a great baby. She rarely cries and when she does she wants the basics--milk, diaper change, sleep, or a change of scene/position. The only other time she cries is when her stomach hurts, and when I pull her little fingers back on accident as I put her mittens on to keep her from scratching her face. She has slept up to four hours during the night. It is lovely and only makes me greedy for longer stretches. Cody is extremely helpful. He never complains and loves to have daddy-daughter time.

It feels so nice to write for myself. I am appoxiamately two weeks behind in my three graduate courses, and I am almost just as behind in my grading for my English classes that I am teaching. Every spare moment I have I am writing or grading a paper, researching, making lesson plans or reading a book. All of the sudden my progress is so slow! Even as I write, I am balancing Jane on my chest as she sleeps.

 I went back to work yesterday, and I must admit I really enjoyed doing something in my life that feels like it hasn't completely changed. I really enjoy my students and thankfully they seemed to be glad that I was back. I was able to keep my shirt on for little over two hours--Jane did take a bottle while I was gone. Simple things are such a pleasure. Showering and being able to walk around to clean and cook are also treats.

Cody just got a job for the summer working for the university farm. I am so grateful that he has been able to find work. It will be great experience for the field that he wants to go into and it is connected to other job opportunities in the future. He continues to work hard in school and he has done well considering the changes we have had. I can't believe how much our live have changed in such a short time, BUT having Jane here with us is well worth the adjustments. I have a special appreciation and compassion for parents now that I would never have had without becoming one!

Well, Jane just let me know that she needs a new diaper so until next time.


  1. Lucy, I loved reading this and I can totally relate! Hang in there! Congrats to Cody on his summer job. That's great.

  2. All I have to say is AMEN!!!
    Glad you guys are doing well. Miss ya!

  3. I love this post. It seems like yesterday, that i was wearing the designer's BARF perfume. I love that the three of you are adjusting so well. Thanks for writing and letting us know how you ROCK at this already. It is so good to know you are doing well and to see those beautiful pictures of Baby. Have I mentioned how stunning she is?! Wow! Good Work!

  4. Hi Lucy! Congrats! I got your blog address from my mom, who got it from grandpa! I am glad to see you are doing so well and Jane is absolutely adorable! I hope everything is going well for you and the family! I am also on here, aaron-casas.blogspot.com


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