Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jane's Blessing Day

What a lovely day! Cody and my families came on Friday night for Jane's blessing today. We have so enjoyed having them here. The house is too quite now that everyone has left, and I miss everyone very much. I think even Jane has noticed that there are not people around. Jane got plenty of love this weekend. Aunts, uncle, and grandparents were all taking turns. It was great for me! We played games, watched movies, ate great food, and just visited. When family comes it always seems too short. I am so grateful that everyone drove the 8-10 hours to share Jane's special day. Cody blessed Jane with Grandpa Bowman and Panganiban, Jamie, and Tony in the circle. It was a lovely blessing, and I am so grateful my good husband is worthy to bless her.

The gorgeous dress that Jane is wearing was made by Susianne Hughes. I can't rave enough about how beautiful the dress is. There are many details about the dress that I love. I love the lace on the sleeves, the slip, the bonnet, and the handkerchief made out of the same material as the dress. I will try to take a better picture so you can see how neat it is. I am so grateful to Susianne Hughes for making it!

It was really special to have all my siblings and both parents here. Adell drove down on Saturday. We are all excited for her new job and the interviews to come. My life saver Joanie went home for the summer. I will miss her dearly! Cody and I were really disappointed to have our friend leave! Jamie moved to Provo this weekend to start working and going to BYU. We are excited to see how life unfolds for him now that he is home from Japan. Holly is six weeks away from having her baby. Seeing her reminded me of that stage of pregnancy. I am glad it is over for me! It was good to see her because she can't always come on the long trips with a husband and two other kids that need her. We look forward to baby Caleb's arrival. My dad was so tender with Jane and my mom was as fun and loving as ever. I have realized how much my parents have done for me now that I am a parent. I am so blessed with a wonderful family, and I was so sad to see them go!

Mom and Dad Bowman were patient with my family, and as always, very gracious! I am such a lucky girl to have such wonderful in-laws. I love them so much and was grateful they stayed a little after our lunch to visit with us.

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  1. Stop it! I had no idea her hair was so curly! I am dying!!! I neeeeed her, and YOU!! I miss you so much. I need her to meet Tate like.....yesterday!! Can't wait til the day comes!


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