Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Pillow

I couldn't resist...We have a special pillow at our house. It is a pillow that I have been trying to throw away since we have been married. Cody has probably had it since he was in grade school. He insists that, despite the fact that what was once white is now yellow and brown, it is just broken in. If pillows didn't have covers on them, I could not have let him keep it. I would have stole it away, replaced it with a new one and disposed of the old before he could have a say, but what I don't see doesn't bother me as much. I do have to say though that I even make sure that the part of the pillow case that opens to the actual pillow is never open towards my pillows when I make the bed (just in case the bacteria could make its way to my side).

Well, with this background, I have to confess that since we have brought Jane home, there has only been one place that she really sleeps...Cody's disgusting, broken in pillow. It is just flat enough and just fluffy enough. She sleeps like a rock on this pillow, and it is great for transfering her to wherever we are. With that being said, I need to put three more pillow cases on this pillow so the slobber and who knows what else from Cody's past does not seep through to my baby girl. =)

I am sure there are some of you out there that have kept something for way too long because it was "broken in." I have, but I won't share my own, I will just tell you about Cody's special keeps. haaa. =)


  1. That is great! I have an old Garfield blanket that I love and I still have it! Tabitha keeps it in the closet or hidden because she does not want it to mess with our fancy bed spread! It is all thin and very very old, I think my parents got it for me when we still lived in Salinas or when we first moved to redding! So about20+ years old!


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