Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rocket Stove and Finally Summer

Cody and I have had many Saturdays inside the house. I am typically grading papers or doing homework while Cody watches Jane (I feed her and play with her intermittently throughout the day). I had to add that in there so I didn't sound like a bad mom. Anyways, the point is that we don't get outside much because of the weather and because we have to do other things. Today, I set aside my student's papers. I was interviewed by one of my students for their career class, and she asked me what my least favorite part of my job was. Hands down, grading papers is my least favorite, but it is also a highlight of my job at the same time. I love to get to know the people in class through their writing. Many times, what we write is very honest and telling.

Since the temperature was three degrees above 50 degrees, we decided to venture to the park.The sun was out, people were having picnics and BBQs, and little kiddies were swinging and playing on the jungle gym.  Cody and I played soccer, tennis, catch, and took a leisurely walk to the Snow Shack across the street from the park. Strawberry, peach and banana with cream on top was the perfect end to a park day. It felt incredible to be outside and get some exercise. My recovery from the birth has been slow and painful, so running around felt liberating. Jane was three months yesterday, so I was more willing to take her outdoors.Sadly, I was not able to document Jane's first park outing (I forgot the camera), but it is okay since she slept through half of it. =)

Now we are outside our town home cooking on Cody's father's day gift: the ever-so-efficient Rocket Stove made by Stove Tec. It is a handy little thing, and I can smell the dutch oven potatoes cooking to perfection! Today has been a goodie! I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Balance and Baby

I am finished with my first semester of grad school, and I could not be more happy about being finished. I don't know how I did grade wise, but I learned a lot. I have a lot of improving to do in my writing.

Lately, I have been so busy that I have not had balance in my life. Cody and I went to a marriage and family class at church on Sunday and they challenged us to focus on the most important things like praying together, having family night and just being committed to each other. I think about how throughout my life, when I have had my priorities straight, everything else falls into place. I have especially had to learn this now that I have a child. Jane is such a joy, and she also takes up a lot of my time. I am grateful that I have another thing to balance. I need all the practice I can get.

Also, on Sunday our home teachers came to visit. One of them shared a message about parents needing their children as much as the children need their parents. I think that is very true. I am learning a lot about myself through Jane, and I know she will continue to help me become a better person.

Teaching is an adventure. I have had a few challenging moments with students, but for the most part I think this is going to be a great semester. During my final's weeks for school I was not able to devote as much time to teaching, but now that I have a break from school, I hope to double my efforts. Most of my students are very diligent and genuinely interested in learning and doing well in the class. I will be reading their personal narratives this week, and I always enjoy getting to know them better as I read about their experiences.

Cody is still enjoying his job. He helps me so much! During finals week he was watching Jane, doing dishes, and cooking meals to keep me sane. I am seriously a lucky woman. He has been really unselfish about helping me. I can't imagine how hard life would be without him. Whenever he mentions not feeling well I start to get a pit in my stomach and I think about how much extra strength I would need if he was not able to do everything he does now. Now that I know Cody has the propensity to loose his strength, I am extra cautious with his health.

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