Sunday, July 3, 2011

O the relief...

My blog absence was a result of stress! It feels incredibly good to be done with my Victorian British Literature class! It was a four week class of intense reading, writing and discussing. I really enjoyed reading the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, and Christina Rossetti. I was familiar with a few works from each poet, but reading more of their poetry collections was neat. Despite all that I learned, I am so glad to have some time off from school. I am contemplating taking a break from my masters program. While I would love to take a break, there is a little nagging voice in my mind reminding me that if I take a class in the fall, I will be halfway through my master's program (that is if I passed this class I just took). We will see. Anyways,  the past four weeks has been overwhelming, and I have had a lot of moments where I thought I wanted to quit everything, but I survived. I can enjoy Jane, Cody, and my students more now.

I finally returned my students Profile papers, my students just turned in their research paper, and the semester is coming to a close soon. I have really enjoyed reading my students' papers this semester. There are always some really talented writers and writers that just get better and better as they keep practicing. I was able to have the senior editor of the Friend magazine come to my class to explain how my students could submit their writings for publication with the LDS church magazines. It was a nice presentation, and I hope some of my students will submit their stories. Also, I was able to go to the English adjunct faculty retreat. I got a lot of great teaching ideas from other teachers, and I am feeling very motivated to try new things and improve my lessons that I already have. I love being a teacher because of my amazing students!

Cody is still healing from his accident at work. He was working with a combine head and by accident a co-worker pulled a pin before the jack stand was ready, so the combine head, and the trailer it was on, fell on Cody's foot. It broke about 3-4 bones on the top of his foot. He got surgery and now has two pins in his foot. He is recovering pretty good as far as we know and he hasn't had too much pain. He crutches around everywhere, and he has learned how to use the crutches as an extension of his hands. He can turn light switches on and off, hand me a bag from across the room, and many other useful things. We have teased that after he doesn't need them anymore we will just have them around the house as a handy tool. Also, we now go to stores based on who has the best motorized carts. =)

Jane is growing like a weed. She loves her little bouncer, grabs everything (especially my hair), smiles like crazy, talks very loud, laughs, and just brings us so much joy. She is four months and everyday she does something different and fun. She is still an angel baby, and I have thankful everyday for that.

I am so grateful for my blessings today!

We have done some fun things this summer:

We went to an Apple Blossom Festival. I love blossoms in the Spring. We had a picnic, released some ladybugs, and enjoyed a beautiful Spring day.

My blue-eyed beauty!

Jane hangs out with her daddy a lot!

Two pins and a nice scar...

I got to meet some of my family in Pocatello. We had a nice day together. I miss them!

Jane playing in her new bouncer chair.

We spent the day in Jackson Hole, WY. Cody had to take a break from crutching around.

We got homemade ice cream after this! Yum.

After we looked around in Jackson, we met Mom and Dad Bowman at the Bar J Wranglers.  We had a great time being able to visit with them. Jane was all smiles for her grandparents.

Park outing on a sunny summer day.
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