Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Letter of Complaint

Dear Rexburg Police Parking Division,

I spend an hour and a half on campus a day during the Summer session. Since I was in a hurry to get to my class that I teach, I parked on the other side of a university parking area. There were about three other cars parked there as well. After my short time teaching I was met with a parking ticket.

Let me ask this...what is the point of parking tickets (outside of the point that it is money for the city)? People that take parking spots away from legitimate permit holders should be ticketed because they are taking away their right to a parking spot in a particular area. Since there was hardly anyone on or near campus today, I do not see the point in ticketing people who simply need to park and get to where they are going. There was plenty of space for anyone that was interested in being on or near campus. I was not taking a spot away from someone that had a parking permit.

Also, after my attempt at contesting my "valid" ticket, I thought about the parking system that is in place. It would take a few tickets to convince someone to take the time to try and memorize the numerous parking zones near and on campus.

Since the Rexburg police have little else to do than defend the city from parking violators that are not violating anyone's rights, I will pay my fifteen dollar fine and bite my lip.

Maybe you could use my money to fix the potholes that line the streets that I have to drive on everyday, post the parking zones more clearly or maybe to pay the officers that spend their time making sure no one forgets that they are in the U parking zone on a weekday.

Have a nice day!

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