Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Vacation in Pictures

The only picture I had from the Bowman's, where we started our Christmas vacation. I am sad I was sick half the stay, but it was still a wonderful time! We love Grandma and Grandpa Bowman's house and seeing our cousins and aunts and uncles!

Jane's first Christmas. Thank you to everyone for the fun toys and clothes!

Mark peeking peering through the window at us! =)

This crazy white duck was attacking us while we fed them bread.

We had fun going to see the hieroglyphs.

New Years Dinner with the family.

So tired!

Grandpa made some great food!

Another fun hike!

Aunt Joanie and the baby girls. Joanie held Jane almost the whole time! Thanks sis.

After we got over the first waterfall we posed with sweet Caleb.

December was filled with plenty of time with family and it couldn't have been as special without them! Some highlights: playing games, really good food, Jane walking, our car dying and getting another vehicle, hiking and enjoying the weather in St. George, seeing and playing with cousins, and talking with sisters and brothers.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Photoshoot with the Crapos

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Embarrasing Moments

I was spending some time with a friend and we started talking about our awkward childhood moments. So many embarrassing moments began flooding in.

First I have to share one recent embarrassing moment: I teach two English classes in a row. I had just finished my 3:15-4:15 class and I quickly walked up the stairs and to the nearest restroom. Since I was running behind I quickly laid down some toilet paper on the toilet, like I always do to ensure cleanliness. I was also quick to pull my pants up and get to class after. As I entered class I hurriedly passed out graded papers. All the sudden I notice one of my student's faces turning red. She quietly and sweetly informs me that I have toilet paper hanging from the back of my pants. I, surprisingly, was not as embarrassed as I should have been. I removed the toilet paper and said, "Well at least it is clean toilet paper." As opposed to what...dirty toilet paper? I have no idea why I responded that way, and I am just glad that I am only aware of a few students that noticed. It did not traumatize me thankfully. I think it would take a lot to embarrass me these days. No teacher is going to get away with being in front of students their whole career without doing something embarrassing. I had a teacher that always spit on me when I was class. I am very careful about that now because I got showered one too many times. There is also the chalk on the bum, the messed up hair and a million other little things that could be wrong when you are in front of people. The best thing to do is laugh and smile!

One other wonderful memory... My friend has such a cute pixie hair cut. She has a feminine face and looks very good with this short hair cut. I complimented her and began telling her about days of yore in which I decided to make a fashion statement with my hair in seventh grade. The fact that I did this in middle school only adds to the fire since I was already incredibly homely and awkward. My short hair cut left me looking like a boy too many times. At a soccer game a parent from the opposing team yelled at my coach to take the boy off the field when I ran on (I was on an all girls team). Another time, a friend who had also decided to cut her hair very short, was on an elevator with me at a hotel we were staying at while we participated at Honor Choir. We stepped aside in the elevator to let a group of good looking basketball players and their coach on. The coach politely asked, "Fellas, can you push the third floor for us?" Mortified, my friend and I turned around, and although we probably really did look more boy than girl, he recognized his mistake and apologized. The damage had been done and my hopes of looking slightly attractive to a group of athletic, cute boys was dashed. Needless to say, I grew my hair out eventually. I occasionally would get out a few of my golden pictures from middle school to show one of my best friends Sean in high school. He would laugh until he cried, I would be sufficiently humbled, and then I would put the photos away again. Thankfully they are in a safe place as we speak and there is already one picture too many on Facebook from that period of life. =)

The last moment that I share truly had my friend and I rolling and in tears literally. It started with the mention of J.T.T. Johnathon Taylor Thomas. I had fantasies as a girl that our paths would cross and he would ask me to be his girlfriend. I would of course accept, but I would have a hard time coping with his stardom. Anyways, my friend Ashley and I had this genius idea one day. We found JTTs address in a magazine and we decided to speed up luck by sending him a letter and photos of us. Years after, I got a glimpse of the photos we took to "seduce" our crush. I was wearing a long white t-shirt with three little hearts on the front and a stain with very short denim shorts that were rolled up. My hair looked greasy and unkempt. Ashley was wearing a really short shirt (borderline tummy shirt) with really long shorts. She may have had better looking hair, but she was a young girl too, so I am certain she didn't look like a model. Anyways, in the picture we are just standing next to each other with our arms down smiling wide and thinking life was about to change for us. Imagine the laughs the people who open JTTs mail got when they took a look at two very awkward looking girls trying to win the heart of a star. I would have laughed!  Ahhh the dreams of a young girl. We did get a generic letter from JTT's fan mail and we eventually decided we were just going to have to live an ordinary life away from fame.

Think about some embarrassing and funny moments in your life. They will help you stay down to earth!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mary Kay and Me!

I am now a Mary Kay beauty consultant!

I am very excited about selling Mary Kay products. For those of you that know me, you know that I am very particular about my skin care because I have had a lot of problem with acne throughout my life. I visited countless dermatologists, tried countless medications, and have spent a lot of money trying to get my skin the way I wanted. I have been using the Mary Kay skin care, and I am seeing awesome results. My skin feels soft and supple instead of tight and dry. On top of them having great skin care, I, of course, love the quality and colors of their makeup too. The company is very professional and I love Mary Kay's mantra: "Faith first, family second, career third." I am most looking forward to meeting new people and helping women feel pretty inside and out!

I have a Mary Kay website where you can check out all the products. 
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