Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Golden curls!

Her small chubby hands wrap around my arm and she begins to coo.
Her head full of golden curls tipped with my black hues rests gently on my shoulder.
I stand up from the antique rocking chair and lay her in her crib and she sits, like a little rabbit, and looks up at me with her dark blue eyes.
She speaks to me without any words.

She crawls quickly across the living room floor, pushing along a book I have memorized from reading it to her so often.
She stands on her own now and claps her hands at her new trick and eventually makes it to me and leans on my legs and looks up from her twenty four inches, once again, with those dark blue eyes, to say what I already know she wants.
I pick her up, but only to put her in her high chair to eat her squash and peas and she arches her back and cries.
She speaks to me without any words.

Dad is holding her as I walk though the door. She begins to bounce in his arms and grins, with eyes that smile as wide, propelling me to her side.
Her little lips kiss my cheek and a glob of slobber is left behind. She begins to babble her excited babble.
I squeeze her tight and I forget for a moment about bills, grading, and expectations.
She loves without words.


  1. Lucy,
    I am so glad I picked today to check your blog! I was thinking about today, and realized I hadn't seen any pics of Jane since she was born. She is so adorable. You are so blessed. And I'm sure you are a wonderful mother. YOur post says it all...there will never be anything in your life (other than your relationship with the Savior) that is more important than your family and little Jane. It made my day to see her little face,curly hair and beautiful eyes. It reminded me of little grandkids - they are precious and they seem to make all the problems of this journey called life - melt away for awhile anyway. So happy for you.

    Hope you are enjoying your new home. Take care.
    Do you ship Mary Kay????
    Love you, Lisa Also, could you send me your address on a message in FB? I owe you a wedding and baby present!!! It's on my list!!! :)

  2. Look at this adorable girl! She looks like such a sweetheart, you guys are so lucky! I love those blue eyes :)


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